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    Chapter 1388 Who Touched Whose Heart 9

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    When Nian Xiaomu received the call, she was stunned as well. Calm down first. There must be something amiss regarding this. I dont believe Mo Yongheng is someone like that

    While consoling Zheng Yan, Nian Xiaomu also informed Yu Yuehan about the matter.

    Very soon, Yu Yuehan sent his men to ask around.

    After Fu Jin was sent to the police station, he admitted that he had doctored false accounts, but refused to admit that the instigator was Mo Kun. Instead, he revealed that the instigator was Mo Yongheng. After confessing everything he had done, he said that Mo Yongheng had made him do it!

    What a jerk! Nian Xiaomu was so mad that she almost slammed her phone. After telling Zheng Yan about the situation, she arranged to meet her at the police station before hanging up the call.

    On the way to the police station, she did not mutter a word.

    Her head was lowered and she was staring at her fingertips, thinking about something.

    Yu Yuehan darted a glance at her and muttered lightly, Since Fu Jin has accused Mo Yongheng of this, he wont change his testimony easily. It will probably be very difficult to convince him.

    Ive never thought about convincing him, Nian Xiaomu replied without hesitation.

    She had originally thought that Fu Jin was not completely devoid of feelings towards the clothing factory and now that he knew that he had done wrong, he would probably step out to take responsibility for his wrongdoings.

    But, never did she expect that he would still help Mo Kun at the end.

    Even though he knew that he was going to jail, he still wanted to cover up for the villain!

    There was concrete evidence that Fu Jin had doctored the accounts, so there was no way he was getting away with it.

    None of them expected that not only would he refuse to expose Mo Kun as the instigator, but he even dragged Mo Yongheng into this.

    The one managing the Mo Corporation previously has always been Mo Yongheng. This is something everyone has known. If Fu Jin insists that he was instigated by him, Im afraid that Mo Yongheng will really be unable to get out of this!

    Nian Xiaomus face looked concerned.

    Last night, she had just confirmed, together with Mo Yongheng, that there was something wrong with the clothing factorys accounts, and even discovered that someone could have been making use of the factory to launder money.

    But, they had yet to find concrete evidence to prove that Mo Kun was involved in this when he took the first strike against them first!

    Her chest was bursting with anger right now!

    Nothing can happen to Mo Yongheng. Mo Kun only did this to him because he wanted to attack me! Nian Xiaomu raised her head and muttered seriously.

    She could not simply watch as the people around her were harmed one after another because of her.

    That was the case with Tan Bengbeng.

    And now, Mo Yongheng as well.

    Dont panic, theres no direct evidence to link this matter to Mo Yongheng yet. Hes only assisting in their investigation. Lets take a look at the situation first. Yu Yuehan held onto her hand as he consoled her.

    Nian Xiaomu nodded before turning silent again.

    The two arrived at the police station very soon and met up with Zheng Yan who was already there.

    Together, they walked in and very quickly saw Mo Yongheng.

    He looked like he was fine.

    His tall and sturdy figure was there, and he looked composed. There was no hint of panic on his face from being brought to the police station.

    Only when he saw Zheng Yan did his dark pupils flicker slightly as he remarked gently, Im fine.

    While Executive Assistant Yang went to get the procedures done, they found a spot to sit down.

    Mo Yongheng appeared very calm and broke the silence first.

    You guys dont have to worry about me. From the day Missy returned to the Mo Family, I already guessed that this day would come. Although Mo Kun intentionally hid the things he did from me, I could more or less feel that he was leading the company down the wrong path. I willingly stayed in the company to help him not only to gain his trust but to let him stay by the elderly heads side to take care of him and also to watch over the company on the elderly heads behalf. I knew that if things went wrong, Mo Kun would not hesitate to make me his scapegoat.