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    Chapter 1387 Who Touched Whose Heart 8

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    The small hand that was grabbing onto his arm had fair and tender fingers. As she had exerted too much force, the tip of her fingers had even turned white.

    Although the face that was staring back at him was beautiful, the look in her eyes had a hint of playfulness and allowed one to instantly see the prank she was playing.

    It wasnt that Mo Yongheng had not heard what the people around were discussing. He had merely pretended not to hear it, for fear that she would feel awkward.

    However, he did not expect that she was far stronger than he had imagined, and more playful as well!

    In her loud and casual manner, she held onto his arm and acted as if she was shy and afraid, looking around with her big and innocent eyes.

    She even politely smiled at the person he greeted

    Just by smiling, her originally bright and stunning facial features became devastatingly beautiful.

    In an instant, she managed to capture the attention of everyone!

    And even took his breath away!

    Mo Yonghengs gaze turned deep and the hand by his side instantly clenched into a fist silently.

    Afraid that she would be able to read his emotion, he picked up his pace while leading her out.

    Mo Yongheng, slow down. I cant keep up with you Zheng Yan was a self-proclaimed long-legged beauty, but compared to Mo Yonghengs height, she was somewhat shorter.

    With each brisk and steady step he took forward, she had to make a small run in order to catch up with him.

    This made her look rather hilarious.

    As this seriously affected her image, Zheng Yan pouted her lips in a rather displeased manner and released her hand from his arm, glaring at his back as she stood rooted to the ground.

    Mo Yongheng paused in his tracks and turned back to look at her. Im walking too quickly?

    What did he think?

    He was almost running already!

    Was she someone who couldnt be seen? To the extent that he had to run out so anxiously for fear that people would misunderstand their relationship.

    She had merely held his arm

    Zheng Yan bit her lip, her chest feeling rather tight.

    If she were to say these words aloud, the two of them would probably lapse into awkwardness. Her eyes darkened and she silently walked to him.

    Only a bit, its me who has short legs. Lets go.

    Zheng Yan then started to walk away.

    The two left the Mo Corporation one after another.

    They were just about to head to the carpark when a police car pulled over at the entrance of the Mo Corporation building.

    The door opened and two officers headed to Mo Yongheng and displayed their police identification cards. Mr. Mo Yongheng, we suspect that you are involved in illegal monetary transactions. We would like to ask you to come to the police station to assist in our investigation!

    All this happened too abruptly.

    Neither of them was able to react in time.

    At the entrance of the Mo Corporation building, many workers who were preparing to head to work stopped in their tracks to witness this scene before them.

    Without any thought, Zheng Yan shielded her body in front of Mo Yongheng.

    Police comrade, what did you just say? Illegal transactions did you guys get something wrong? Theres no way Mo Yongheng would do something illegal like that!

    Her anxious look made it seem like she was a mother hen protecting her chick.

    It completely slipped her mind that she was still angry with Mo Yongheng as her slim figure stood firmly before him, not allowing him to be taken away.

    Upon hearing her words, the two police officers exchanged looks with one another.

    Whether it is true, well find out after Mr. Mo Yongheng follows us back to the station.

    Mo Yongheng was suddenly being whisked away and before he was taken, he could only afford to mutter a single line to tell her that he was fine and to ask her not to worry.

    As it was coincidentally the peak hour in the morning when people were traveling to work, there were many workers who saw Mo Yongheng being taken away and the news started to spread like wildfire

    Looking at the police car gradually disappearing from sight, Zheng Yan snapped back to her senses and hurriedly took out her phone to call Nian Xiaomu!