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    Chapter 1386 Who Touched Whose Heart 7

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    Young Master Yongheng!

    Young Master Yongheng!

    Young Master Yongheng

    The place was echoing with the company workers greetings to Mo Yongheng.

    Adding to that, she emerged from Mo Yonghengs office early in the morning. It seemed as if she was an extra and made the situation look exceptionally ambiguous

    Especially as she was still wearing her clothes from yesterday.

    While other people may not have known that her clothes were from yesterday, she herself felt guilty about it and somehow felt that everyone could tell.

    Moreover, she came out with Mo Yongheng just after she had just woken up, and had even forgotten to go to the washroom to check her own face.

    Her makeup would have been ruined after sleeping for a night right?

    Wouldnt her eyeliner be smudged as well?

    And, what if she had an eye booger

    Zheng Yan was immediately a bundle of nerves and wanted to simply teleport out of the Mo Corporation this instant.

    But, the reality was that not only could she not teleport out of the Mo Corporation, she even banged head-first into Mo Yongheng in front of her.

    With a loud thud, his firm and steady back almost knocked her out

    Receiving his look of surprise, Zheng Yan reached out to press her forehead and was suddenly suspecting her own intelligence.

    Im sorry

    Move your hand away, let me see your forehead. Mo Yongheng held onto her wrist and pulled it back, his eyes landing on her now pink forehead. His brows furrowed as he asked, Why dont you look out when you walk? What if you had hit a pillar instead of me?

    From the corner of Zheng Yans eyes, she could see that the rest of his colleagues were looking at them. She then whispered to remind Mo Yongheng not to go on anymore.

    If he went on further, everyone would probably think there was something going on between them.

    But, Mo Yongheng did not listen to her and even turned especially to look at the surrounding colleagues who were into the juicy gossip and muttered lightly, Theres nothing else here. Everyone should get on with their work.

    How was that different from openly admitting that there was something going on between them? Oh my!

    Did all aloof and straightforward men handle ambiguous situations like that?

    He was better off not speaking.

    Zheng Yan could already hear a few assistants gathering together and whispering things like Young Master Yongheng looked cold and aloof but actually had such a gentle side l, As expected, men all look at appearances. To think that my idol likes this type of girl and Is it only me who thinks that the Zheng Familys Missy is too seductive? She looks promiscuous and there are bad rumors about her as well. She isnt worthy of my idol.

    Upon hearing this last line, Zheng Yan was so p*ssed that she raised her head to glare at them.

    A few people realized that she had heard them and hurriedly dispersed far away.

    Only Mo Yongheng still acted like a deaf person and was staring at her forehead. Upon seeing the laser beams in her eyes, he raised his eyebrows as he asked, Whats wrong with you?

    Nothing is wrong. I only heard people saying that Im not worthy of you, thats why Im angry!

    Zheng Yan complained silently in her heart but did not have the courage to say these words aloud.

    What if Mo Yongheng misunderstood that she liked him?

    She was merely annoyed with others judging her based on her looks and giving her labels based on this. Those who had looks like hers were bound to be seen as those who would cheat on their boyfriends!

    The more they felt that she wasnt worthy of Mo Yongheng, the more she wanted to p*ss them off!

    Zheng Yans beautiful phoenix eyes narrowed and she reached out to toy with her long curly hair in a casual way, which exuded her seductive charm from head to toe. Such a subtle movement instantly lit up the eyes of the male workers in the office area.

    The corner of her lips curled upwards slightly as she made the first move to hook her arm around Mo Yonghengs arm.

    Looking at him innocently, she muttered, Im not familiar with this place. To prevent myself from hitting my head again, its safer if I hold onto you.