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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1385

    Chapter 1385 Who Touched Whose Heart 6

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    Zheng Yan was still half asleep. When she suddenly saw a man in front of her, she jumped and almost fell off the sofa.

    Then, she pulled his shirt.

    However, she pulled him so hard that Mo Yongheng was pulled forward by her and fell onto her.

    They were in a very ambiguous position!

    The sky was bright already and there were employees reporting for work at the Mo Corporation.

    The sound of people walking around outside the office could be heard.

    Zheng Yan was completely taken aback. She lay on the edge of the sofa and blinked her eyes in confusion as she stared at Mo Yongheng.

    They were in a very intimate position; they were almost sticking together.

    She could feel the heat from his body and his breath on her face.

    Zheng Yan blushed

    When she realized that she was still holding onto his shirt, she let go of it quickly and explained, Im sorry, I didnt do it deliberately. I thought I was about to fall, thats why. Can you get up now

    Okay. Mo Yongheng replied faintly as he pulled himself up.

    He reached out to pull Zheng Yan up as she was falling off the sofa.

    He looked normal, however on a closer look, his motions were as stiff as a robot.

    Because of that, when he pulled Zheng Yan up, he pulled her really hard.

    The moment Zheng Yan sat up, she was pulled into his arms again.

    She hit her head against his chest.

    Ouch! Zheng Yan pressed her palm against her head as he apologized. Sorry.

    Its okay. Its okay. I knocked into you, are you okay?

    Zheng Yan sat on the sofa next to her and tidied herself up.

    She was embarrassed that she had fallen asleep in his office.

    She said she was going to stay behind to help him. In the end, he had taken care of her

    She was the one who should be saying sorry.

    She could not remember what had happened after she fell asleep yesterday. Why did she feel that Mo Yongheng was looking at her differently today?

    Did she do something embarrassing yesterday after she fell asleep?

    Thinking of this, Zheng Yan could not sit still.

    Are you done with the reports? If you are, I shall leave. She picked up her bag and the meal boxes from the table. She was about to leave Mo Yonghengs office when he pulled her back.

    Wait a while, let me pack up and take you back.

    Zheng Yan looked at his hand and stuttered. Its, its okay. Im sure you are busy, I shall go back on my own.

    Dont move. Mo Yongheng ignored her rejection and turned to his own desk.

    He left the reports on his desk, took his phone, and walked in front of Zheng Yan.

    We can go now.

    Okay. Zheng Yan answered in her mind and followed behind him.

    When they walked out of Mo Yonghengs office, Zheng Yan realized her mistake in not rejecting his offer.