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    Chapter 1384 Who Touched Whose Heart 5

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    There was only the sound of them flipping the pages every once in a while.

    When Mo Yongheng found out that there was no water in his cup, he looked up and was about to get some. Then he saw that Zheng Yan, who was sitting opposite him, had fallen asleep on the table.

    She still held a pen in her right hand as she fell asleep in the middle of recording some data.

    She was resting on her elbows, pouting with her long curly hair lying naturally on her face. Her outstanding features had a tinge of childishness added to them.

    Mo Yonghengs gaze softened, he put down his cup and walked next to her.

    He softly called her twice.

    Zheng Yan was probably in such a deep sleep that she did not react to it at all.

    If he continued to let her sleep in such a manner, the blood in her elbows would stop flowing and she would become very uncomfortable.

    Mo Yongheng looked around the office then he picked her up, walked steadily to the authentic leather sofa and placed her on it.

    As he was about to pull his hands out and take a jacket to put on her, Zheng Yan suddenly grabbed his arms in her dreams and mumbled something.

    Big brother

    Mo Yongheng froze and stared at her in shock.

    What did she just call him?

    Little brother Zheng Yan continued to mumble as she snuggled against his arms.

    Mo Yonghengs gaze fell, he was not really disappointed but he could not move his gaze away from her sleeping face.

    Do you really not remember me at all? Mo Yongheng lowered his gaze and spoke to himself.

    Of course, now she likes Fan Yu. Does it matter if she still remembered him?

    To her, he was just somebody that was not important.

    When Mo Yongheng went to stand up, he realized that Zheng Yan was grabbing onto his hand very tightly.

    It was like a sleeping child, hugging onto her favorite toy, to make sure nobody snatched it.

    Just as Mo Yongheng wanted to pull his hand out, Zheng Yan instantly sounded out in dismay, hugged his arms and flipped over.

    In order for Mo Yongheng to accommodate her, his body was twisted in a weird position and his entire body was hovering on top of her.

    Furthermore, he was supporting his body with one hand!

    This position was very tiring, if he was to stay like this for a while, it would still be alright. However, he would not be able to support himself for the entire night.

    Looking at her, he could not bear to wake her up.

    Some familiar scene flashed past his mind and he opened his mouth instinctively. Be good and let go, Ill buy you sweets tomorrow.

    I want chocolate

    Zheng Yan replied immediately and she the next second she let go.

    She snuggled against the sofa and went to sleep peacefully.

    Mo Yonghengs gaze grew complicated, he forgot what he was supposed to do for a while and just stared at her.

    He wanted to just wake her up and tell her who he was!

    But he could not do it yet

    Mo Yongheng returned to his desk an hour later. He sat where she could be seen by raising his head, his lips were curled subtly.

    Zheng Yan had a dream.

    She dreamt that the neighboring big brother was not dead yet, he was even giving her chocolate, praising her for being obedient and wanting to marry her.

    As she jumped happily into his arms, a sharp ray of sunlight woke her up.

    Rubbing her eyes and sitting up on the sofa, before she could come back to senses, she saw Mo Yongheng sitting in front of her and staring at her intensely.