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    Chapter 1383 Who Touched Whose Heart 4

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    He looked at her hold up a document, and come in front of him to ask. What you are looking at, are these the clothing factorys accounts?

    Mo Yongheng did not react immediately, he stared at the document in front of him.

    He could smell her faint body scent.

    The two of them were so close that if he raised his hands, it would touch her arms.

    There was no way for him to concentrate.

    He even forgot to answer her question after hearing it and instead, he said, Zheng Yan, go and sit opposite me.

    Zheng Yan was confused.

    Zheng Yan was stupefied by his words, she blinked her eyes in confusion. After confirming that she had not heard it wrongly, she shifted her chair and sat opposite him with an innocent look.

    She was unsure of what had happened to him.

    His face was a little red and his breathing did not seem normal either.

    His hands were holding onto the chair tightly, he seemed very uncomfortable.

    Are you not feeling well? Let me take you to the hospital! As Zheng Yan spoke, she stood up quickly, ready to take him to the hospital.

    He backed off several steps to avoid her hand.

    Meeting her stunned gaze, he made a soft cough and said, I may have eaten too much, Ill go to the washroom. Wait for me here.

    After Mo Yongheng finished, he disappeared in the blink of an eye.

    The hastened steps seemed as if he was being chased for money.

    Zheng Yan saw him disappear and quietly went back to sit on the chair. She took out her phone to message Nian Xiaomu.

    Zheng Yan: A concern from the people, for someone that was caught red-handed by your husband. Are you okay?

    Seeing that Nian Xiaomu did not reply to her, she sent another message.

    Zheng Yan: *cries* Could it be that you have already been swallowed alive by Young Master Han, sacrificed yourself for the greater good? What should I do, Mo Yongheng is behaving weirdly today, I am really scared too!

    There were several crying emojis in the message.

    However, there was no reply again.

    Zheng Yan was already sure that Nian Xiaomu had probably been swallowed alive and was unable to reply to her messages.

    She put down her phone and stared at the door till Mo Yongheng came back.

    He seemed to have washed his face with cold water, it was no longer red and his breathing had returned to normal. He still had water droplets on his face and when he walked in, they rolled down his forehead, went down his chin and into his shirt collar.

    Zheng Yan was so distracted that she did not even notice he had walked in front of her.

    She only moved her gaze in a hurry when she heard him taking a tissue to wipe his face.

    Now, her face was red.

    Her mind was filled with the previous scene

    How embarrassing!

    She covered her face with her hands and lowered her head to lie on the table. She was too embarrassed to lift up her head.

    She was worried that Mo Yongheng would notice something.

    If you are tired, I can take you back to rest now. Mo Yongheng said considerately, seeing that she had her head on the table.

    Zheng Yan looked up immediately, waved her hand and replied, Im not tired, Im not tired, I just ate too much..

    This excuse was the same as he had used previously.

    Zheng Yan was stunned.

    Mo Yongheng was stunned too.

    Then they made eye contact and could not find anything to say.

    The next second, they both lifted their gaze at the same time in guilt and quietly sat down.

    Zheng Yan dragged a document in front of her and asked, How do you proofread this? Tell me, I can help you look at it.

    Mo Yongheng did not doubt Zheng Yans ability, he told her what to do and they started to work.

    It was an enchanting night.

    As time passed, the surroundings became increasingly quiet.