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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1382

    Chapter 1382 Who Touched Whose Heart 3

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    Zheng Yan looked at him in surprise. What you eat sweet and sour pork? Then, why didnt you eat any just now?

    Mo Yongheng did not speak, he was chewing the sweet and sour pork then indicated to her to keep to her word and eat the vegetables.

    He waited for Zheng Yan to eat all the vegetables then he explained. I saw that you liked it and left it for you.

    Zheng Yan was shocked and almost dropped her chopsticks.

    She looked at him in surprise. Mo Yongheng still looked very calm, he just added. I spoilt your supper plans, I should accommodate you more.

    What was she expecting?

    She actually thought that Mo Yongheng liked her. She was being narcissistic.

    For someone like Mo Yongheng, he may not even know what it is to like.

    She wondered what kind of women he would fall for?

    Thinking of this, Zheng Yan felt down.

    Even looking at her favorite sweet and sour pork, she had no appetite.

    She ate two pieces and stopped.

    When Mo Yongheng saw that she was no longer eating the pork, he picked up a few more vegetables for her.

    Zheng Yan felt as if she was at a disadvantage and kept giving him meat.

    In the end, they didnt even take their own food. They were just trying to finish the food they gave each other.

    Stop, stop! I am full, I cant eat anymore! Zheng Yan covered her bowl quickly when she saw that almost all the vegetables were going to go into her bowl.

    She picked up her chopsticks and gave some back to Mo Yongheng.

    She did it out of spite.

    Then, she realized that the food had been in her bowl and it was not polite to give it to someone else.

    When she was about to take it back, Mo Yongheng had already continued to eat.

    He even ate the vegetables from her bowl.

    There was no food left in any of the boxes.

    As Zheng Yan was full, Mo Yongheng ate everything himself.

    You could eat so much? Did I eat too much? Are you full? Zheng Yan looked at the clean boxes and asked in worry.

    Mo Yongheng wiped his mouth elegantly and answered, It is just nice.


    Upon seeing that he was full, Zheng Yan kept the boxes and was ready to leave. Then, she saw Mo Yongheng stand up and pick up the car key on the table.

    Its late. Let me drive you back.

    Then, are you coming back to work again later? Zheng Yan peaked at the report opened on the table.

    She suspected that he was not finished with it.

    When she saw that Mo Yongheng did not answer her, it confirmed her suspicions.

    She blinked her eyes and placed the meal boxes aside.

    Since I have nothing to do today, if you dont mind, I will stay behind to wait for you. We can leave together after you are done. No matter what, I am still an executive in Zheng Corporation, I can help you with the reports!

    Zheng Yan was famous for being outspoken and gutsy.

    Everyone who knew her knew that she had a blurred concept for males and females. She may look gorgeous, however, she was gutsier than most men.

    The moment she saw that Mo Yongheng had to work overtime alone, she refused to leave.

    She pulled a chair over and wanted to look at the report with him.

    She sat really close to him, almost touching him and it distracted Mo Yongheng for a while.