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    Chapter 1381 Who Touched Whose Heart 2

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    Done? I called you just now to ask if you wanted to eat anything. However, you did not answer and I just bought something for you.

    Zheng Yan left the things on the table and took the meal to him.



    Mo Yongheng looked up at her. I dont have anything that I do not eat.

    Zheng Yan heard this and she looked at him in surprise. Have you been working all this time and not eaten? It is already 9 pm!

    Wouldnt he get a stomach ache from not eating?

    Dont mistreat your body just because you think that you are young. If you continue doing this, you may regret it next time!

    Zheng Yan lectured angrily.

    She didnt know why, but she suddenly felt angry when she realized that he really had not eaten.

    Her actions also became rougher. She opened the packet and placed the white rice in front of him.

    If I knew that you really had not eaten, I would have come later. I should starve you to death and see if you would do it again!

    Zheng Yan said it agitatedly, then she moved the rice away.

    You have been starving for so long, dont eat rice first. Drink some soup slowly.

    She opened the layers of meal boxes and moved the bottom layer of soup to him. She took the spoon and passed it to him.

    There. What are you waiting for, drink the soup!

    Mo Yongheng was stunned when he heard her non-stop chattering.

    He took the spoon and started to drink soup.

    The dishes do not cool down so quickly in summer, the soup was still warm. Mo Yongheng was drinking it slowly then he thought of something and looked up at her. Where is your supper?

    Didnt she say she wanted to eat supper?

    I was afraid that I would starve you and Xiao Mumu would come after me, so I was in such a hurry to bring you your meal that I didnt bother about my supper. I am actually not very hungry, I am just bored. Zheng Yan said causally.

    Mo Yongheng passed the chopsticks to her.

    You bought too much, I cant finish it. Why not lets eat together.


    Zheng Yan saw that there were indeed a lot of dishes and she took the chopsticks to eat with Mo Yongheng.

    She did not know what he liked to eat and hence she had bought all the dishes that she liked.

    They looked really appetizing.

    She was not really hungry at first, now looking at the dishes, she felt hungry. She was so engrossed in eating she forgot about Mo Yongheng.

    Dont just eat meat, eat some vegetables.

    When Mo Yongheng saw that she was going to finish all the sweet and sour pork by herself, he frowned. He passed her some vegetables as if he was correcting a picky child.

    Then, Zheng Yan pushed it aside in disgust.

    I dont want to eat them. Arent you a picky eater? You havent even touched the sweet and sour pork. Do all guys dislike sweet and sour dishes?

    Zheng Yan placed some sweet and sour pork in his bowl and challenged playfully. If you eat it, I will eat the vegetable!

    Mo Yongheng looked at the sweet and sour pork in his bowl and ate it calmly.