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    Chapter 1380 Who Touched Whose Heart 1

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    Mo Yonghengs eyes flickered and he raised his eyebrows slightly in surprise.

    When he saw the person behind him, his first reaction was to doubt himself and think that he had developed a hallucination.

    Shouldnt she be spending time with Fan Yu now?

    Since she likes Fan Yu so much, she would surely go out on a date with him after she was done with work matters. How could she be here, even making the effort to deliver food for him?

    This dream felt a little unreal.

    However, just as he was certain that he was indeed in an unreal dream, Zheng Yan walked to him and pointed at his cell phone. With a frown, she asked, Why did you not answer my call?

    Mo Yongheng turned around in shock upon hearing that simple sentence.

    His eyebrows tightened into a deeper knot as he stared at the person who was presently standing before him.

    I didnt hear my cell phone ringing as it was in silent mode. What brought you here?

    Didnt you read the group chat? With an expression that spelled why do you know nothing, she placed the bento box onto the table and gestured at his cell phone with her lips.

    She wanted him to read the messages first before saying anything.

    Mo Yongheng tried his best to ignore the influence that she had on him and proceeded to take a look at the group chat on his cell phone.

    To facilitate better communication amongst everyone, Nian Xiaomu had created a group chat so that everyone could inform one another about any new updates.

    Even though Mo Yongheng was in the group chat, he did not send any messages to the group and he would give Nian Xiaomu a call directly if he needed to look for her.

    If Zheng Yan had not especially reminded him to read the messages in the group chat, he would have forgotten that such a chat existed.

    At this point in time, as he clicked into the group chat, he realized that it was indeed flooded with messages.

    All of them were messages by Nian Xiaomu and Zheng Yan, with the former complaining about Yu Yuehan, and the latter cheering her on

    Mo Yonghengs veins started to pop out as he scrolled through the messages.

    The two girls seemed to have already known each other in their previous life and reunited with each other in their current life, even Mo Yongheng the bystander started to pity Yu Yuehan the moment the two of them started their rambling.

    Yu Yuehan was in the chat as well.

    It seemed as if he did not really notice what Nian Xiaomu was talking about in the chat at first, and only started to realize at a later stage.

    Nian Xiaomu disappeared for quite some time after she sent a message that said: Damn, Im busted.

    When she reappeared the next time, all she did was to show her affection publicly.

    Harsh words or deeds demonstrate ones love. Actually, I was merely joking around just now. Dont anybody take them too seriously. I love my husband very much.

    He has got the height, the body, the wealth. Most importantly, he is good looking. I am afraid I wouldnt be able to find someone like him even if I search around with a brightly lit lantern.

    To be honest, I cant sleep without my husband at night nowadays!

    The long sentences that followed behind were also by Nian Xiaomu, as she listed Yu Yuehans merits while typing furiously on her cell phone.

    Finally, Yu Yuehan sent a message to the group chat, with a tone that was filled with arrogance and glee no less.

    Yu Yuehan: [Wifey, time to sleep.]

    Zheng Yan: [Its still early, why are the young people sleeping? Wake up and get high! Does anyone want to have supper?]

    Nian Xiaomu: [Young girl, you can have it yourself. I am old, and I can no longer stomach so much food. If you have the time, you might as well head to the Mo Corporation and deliver some food for Mo Yongheng. I am worried that he will forget his meal again the moment he gets busy.]

    Nian Xiaomu even intentionally mentioned him when she sent that message.

    However, Mo Yonghengs cell phone was on silent mode and he did not realize that he had got a notification.

    He had reached the end of the chat log.

    As Mo Yongheng placed his cell phone down, his eyes flickered and a hint of disappointment flashed past his eyes.

    And so, she had come here because Nian Xiaomu told her to do so. She no longer remembered him, so what exactly was he looking forward to?