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    Chapter 1379 The Culprit 6

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    Chapter 1379 The Culprit! 6

    By the time he snapped back to his senses, the bodyguards who were camping by his side had already swarmed forward and subdued him before he could hurt Manager Hong!

    They snatched the planner from his hands.

    Manager Hong!

    Nian Xiaomu could not be bothered about the planner as she immediately rushed forward and instructed her men to bring the medical kit over.

    Even though the wound on Manager Hongs neck was not deep, the injuries on his hands were very serious. However, as he had previously sustained injuries to his hands in the fire, he was lucky that his hands were wrapped in gauze and this layer of material had, in turn, offered him some form of protection.

    Nian Xiaomu briefly bandaged his wound and immediately ordered her men to take him to the hospital.

    On the other hand, Fu Jin, who had been subdued by the bodyguards, was currently completely surrounded by the workers of the factory.

    Everyone seemed to have a strong urge to tear him into pieces!

    You do not have to dirty your hands because of such a person. The law will deal with him when he is sent to the police station!

    Nian Xiaomu walked forward and took the planner from the bodyguards hands. As she took a few glances at it, her gaze changed slightly.

    After she instructed her men to keep an eye on Fu Jin, she got in the car and headed to the hospital to visit Manager Hong.

    She only heaved a sigh of relief when she had confirmed that Manager Hong would recover and that the injuries which he had sustained on his hands would not pose an inconvenience in his daily life. Then, she proceeded to give Mo Yongheng a call.

    She asked him where he was.

    I just retrieved Manager Hongs planner and there are many things recorded in it. We can use it in the auditing of the financial statements!

    Ill wait for you in the office. Mo Yongheng replied simply.

    Nian Xiaomu rushed straight toward the Mo Corporation immediately after she hung up the call.

    She spotted Mo Yongheng waiting for her the moment she approached the entrance. After she gave a brief account of what had happened in the factory, she handed over Manager Hongs planner for him to have a look.

    Mo Yongheng had been checking the organizations financial statements after she mentioned that there might be some issues with the accounts of the clothing factory.

    Differences were immediately spotted now that they compared them against Hong Shis handwritten accounts.

    The monthly profits are around the same as the figures in the financial report. However, according to the records in Manager Hongs planner, the account entries of the clothing factory were comprised of very large figures. What is all this money used for?

    Did you discover something amiss too? Havent you mentioned that Mo Kun had always wanted to go international, with hopes of changing the operating model of the Mo Corporation? According to the news that Fan Yu has gotten overseas, it seems as though Mo Kun has got some businesses of his own abroad as well. I suspect that he had been making use of the clothing factory to launder money; he was afraid that we would discover his deeds, and that is why he was in such a hurry to shut down the clothing factory! Nian Xiaomu said agitatedly.

    Mo Kun has indeed gone crazy.

    He has the guts to do anything, just so he can fulfill his selfish desires!

    There are definitely issues with the accounts of the clothing factory If this was really the case! Mo Yongheng said with certainty.

    After he reached a common understanding of the matter with Nian Xiaomu, the two of them returned to the office with the handwritten accounts planner.

    Verifying the accounts took them half a day.

    All of the employees of the organization had already knocked off from work. Nian Xiaomu too was forcefully taken away by Yu Yuehan as she was getting sleepy from the lack of energy. Before she left, she reminded Mo Yongheng to have his dinner.

    Mo Yongheng was the only person left in the office.

    Since he did not have anything to do at home, he remained in the office and continued to verify the accounts.

    Exhausted, he reached out to massage his temple. Just as he raised his cell phone to take a look at the time, he noticed that there were a few missed calls on the screen.

    All of the calls were from Zheng Yan.

    Just as he was about to return the call, he remembered that she should be with Fan Yu now. With a flickering gaze, he silently placed his cell phone down.

    The next second, footsteps sounded from the entrance of the office.

    He turned around vigilantly and saw the beautiful Zheng Yan standing behind him; clad in a bodycon dress, she was holding onto a bento box!