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    Chapter 1378 The Culprit 5

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    Chapter 1378 The Culprit! 5

    Nian Xiaomu intentionally spoke in a louder volume when she spotted the bodyguards who were slowly advancing toward Fu Jin from the corner of her eyes.

    She shifted everyones focus on herself.

    I would not do such things if Mr. Mo was still around Just as Fu Jin started to explain, he seemed to have detected something as he suddenly turned around and cast a glance behind.

    His face changed instantly when he spotted the bodyguards who were silently approaching him.

    Nian Xiaomu, are you trying to buy time? I dont want to talk crap with you any longer, arrange a vehicle for me immediately and allow me to leave this place!

    As Fu Jin strangled Manager Hong with one hand, he brandished the swiss knife in his other hand and carefully looked around at his surroundings.

    The bodyguards who were creeping up on him from the back door were discovered even before they could get near him.

    The situation turned pressing in an instant.

    Since the financial reports of the factory were all destroyed in the fire, Manager Hongs planner was the only tool they could use to verify the accounts.

    Furthermore, if Fu Jin really managed to get away, it would be even harder for them to capture him since he has Mo Kun backing him up.

    If Mo Kun knew that the plot was exposed and he decided to silence him

    Fu Jin could not leave this place just like that!

    However, he was keeping Manager Hong hostage at the same time

    Nian Xiaomu could not think of a better solution at that moment. Just as she was about to agree to Fu Jins request for the time being and think of better ideas while the vehicle was retrieved, she suddenly heard a loud shriek.

    Manager Hong!

    Nian Xiaomu was taken aback. When she lifted her head, she realized that Manager Hong, whom Fu Jin had been holding onto, was now grabbing onto the knife.

    The sharp swiss knife had slashed his hands. Blood started to seep out from his fingers, dripping onto the ground.

    However, not a single hint of fear could be seen on his gentle yet resolute face.

    With a pause after every word, he said, Not only is the clothing factory the fruit of labor over the past few decades, it is also a home for the many workers here; it is a place which everyone would protect with their lives. I will not allow you to leave with the planner even if I were to die here today! Kill me if you can!

    As Manager Hong bellowed in a loud and clear voice, he turned around and pinned Fu Jin against the wall.

    Vice-President Nian, dont bother about me. The planner must not leave the factory, and we should not let the culprit who set fire to the factory get away!

    A person could be ready to risk everything for something he or she firmly believed in.

    Hong Shi was a firm believer in the clothing factory.

    He was a firm believer in the workers in the factory who needed his protection.

    He was also a firm believer in the tie-dye art which they wanted to protect at all costs.

    They are the people and things that he was willing to risk his life to protect!

    Because of this group of people, who are willing to give everything up for things that they firmly believed in, the imperfect world is not yet conquered by darkness. They are the reason why evil can never prevail over good!

    For now, we can only see a lone man like Hong Shi.

    However, there are also many such people in places that are out of our sight too.

    There are soldiers who are safeguarding us and the country.

    There are doctors who fought with diseases just to cure their patients.

    There are also people who had been holding onto their beliefs, just so they could promote the outstanding ethnic cultures to the world

    Perhaps, in our eyes, all of their efforts were very negligible.

    However, these tiny yet seemingly ordinary things are exactly the fragments that enhance our country and our lives!

    Selfless and dauntless.

    Such a spirit could never be developed from a selfish person.

    Fu Jin stood rooted to the ground; he could not even be bothered with his glasses that had fallen on the floor as he stared at Hong Shi with enlarged eyes.