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    Chapter 1377 The Culprit 4

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    The word why sounded in everyone elses doubts.

    Fu Jin had worked in the clothing factory for many years; he was honest, loyal, and capable.

    Everyone else in the factory respected him.

    Especially during this period of time, when he brainstormed with everybody to improve the craft of the tie-dye art to increase the profits, just so they could convince Mo Kun to keep the factory.

    Everyone else had seen his efforts. As such, no one ever suspected him.

    Why exactly?! With red-rimmed eyes, Manager Hong howled in a deep voice.

    Fu Jins hands trembled at the sound of his roars and he nearly dropped the knife.

    He narrowed his eyes and retorted, Dont stare at me with such a gaze. Its every man for himself! Do you all really think that the clothing factory could be revived purely with everyones efforts? The organization had wanted to close down the factory a long time ago, I knew it would happen sooner or later. I was merely planning for my own future, how am I wrong?

    He was only in his thirties.

    He was praised by everyone for being a talented finance officer.

    For all these years, the accounts that he had handled never had any mistakes.

    He could not perish along with a factory.

    As long as he listened to that person, he would be able to have better choices

    He was not in the wrong, he was merely thinking of himself and acted selfishly for once.

    Didnt those who had proclaimed to be wholeheartedly serving the factory also hope to have a place where they could settle down and get on with their pursuit?

    How are they any different?!

    Why, why should he be the one suffering from all the disdain?

    Everyone has his own ambition, no one will force you to remain here if it is against your wish. However, you had set the factory on fire and hurt others just for your own gains. Do you think that you could still use the excuse of thinking of your own future and avoid the arms of the law?

    Nian Xiaomu looked at Fu Jin with a darkened face.

    Your only way out is to hand over the planner and reveal the mastermind who instigated this. I can help you to plead for leniency with the judge so that you could have a lighter sentence!

    Fu Jin lifted his head and stared at Nian Xiaomu with a slightly surprised gaze; it seemed like he had never thought that she would know that there was a mastermind behind everything.

    A mere financial officer like you is unable to properly manipulate the accounts of both the factory and the headquarters. You must have been working for someone during the past few years, right? What did that person offer you for you to do such things against your conscience? How could you still be guilt-free and unwilling to change for the better till now?

    I dont know what you are talking about. I am about to leave the factory, I will kill Hong Shi if you dont let me go!

    He reached out to hoist Manager Hong up before pressing his knife against his neck yet again.

    Manager Hong!

    All the people surrounding them shouted out anxiously.

    Everyone spontaneously backed away.

    They were afraid that Fu Jin would be agitated, resulting in Manager Hong getting hurt.

    Nian Xiaomu was the only one who remained standing at the same spot. As she snapped her fingers slowly, she said, Fu Jin, I heard that you were personally recruited by my grandpa when you first entered the Mo Corporation. Do you still remember him?

    Fu Jin did not know why Nian Xiaomu suddenly mentioned this matter. He hesitated for a short while, and eventually answered her, Mr. Mo is a very nice person. It is a pity that good things do not happen to good people.

    One could hear his respect toward the elderly head of the Mo Family from this tone.

    I believe that you knew as well that grandpa assigned you to work in the factory because he thought highly of you, not because he wanted to demote you. This was the reason he placed you on the project which he valued the most, hoping that you could help him to look over the accounts of the clothing factory. However, do you think that you could face grandpa with all that you have done?