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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1376

    Chapter 1376 The Culprit 3

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    Such a scenario was a little hard for everyone to stomach.

    Fu Jin was so guilt-stricken that his eyes had turned red.

    As he stared at Manager Hong, whom he was grabbing onto, a streak of hesitation flashed past his eyes that were hiding behind his glasses.

    However, the moment he shifted his gaze to Nian Xiaomu, he tightened his grip on Manager Hongs neck again.

    Arrange a vehicle for me and allow me to leave this place!

    Nian Xiaomu did not say anything and watched as the workers consoled Fu Jin repeatedly. Then, she walked forward.

    Expressionless, she cast a look at Fu Jin and said slowly, Fu Jin, look at these people who have treated you like family, then think about all the things you have done. Dont you feel guilty at all?

    I dont know what you are talking about. I just want to leave the factory!

    The arsonist burnt himself when he was setting fire to the factory. He left his lighter at the crime scene, and there happened to be his fingerprints and blood on it. After a DNA check, it has been deduced that the person who had set fire to the factory is left handed. Also, I just got to know that you are a left hander too.

    Even though Nian Xiaomu did not speak very loudly, she sounded calm and certain.

    She enunciated every word clearly and slowly, Fu Jin, you are the one who set the factory on fire!

    The surrounding fell silent.

    All of the workers present were stunned when they heard what Nian Xiaomu said.

    Everyone stared at each other in a daze.

    Everyone seemed to understand Nian Xiaomus words, yet at the same time, it appeared that they could not comprehend what she had said.

    Fu Jin is the finance officer in their factory; he has half of the managing power, and he is also someone whom everyone has great trust in.

    Furthermore, he had just returned from a hectic business trip when the incident happened, running around everywhere to close deals for the clothing factory

    How could he be the one who had set the fire?!

    Yes, you have concealed yourself very well, to the extent that even I did not think that you were the culprit in the beginning. I merely suspected that someone was trying to destroy the financial report, hence he set a fire in the factory. It was until someone reminded me that the fire had actually started where the finance department was located, that I realized that an insider was the only person who could silently enter the finance department of the factory to set the fire.

    Nian Xiaomu closed in toward Fu Jin.

    If my guesses are right, you purposely set the entire incident up to destroy those financial reports because you knew that I was starting to check on the accounts. You thought that you could get things done once and for all by doing this, but it did not cross your mind that Manager Hong had handwritten accounts in his planner too. You thought of it, and you also heard that the items which had survived the fire were all shifted to the lounge. As such, you sneaked in when nobody was around to check if there was any evidence left, and at the same time steal Manager Hongs planner, am I right?

    Fu Jin did not speak. However, the expression on his face had already explained everything.

    The workers of the factory gradually returned to their senses.

    Their gazes changed from that of disbelief, to shock, and eventually to anger

    Who would have thought that there would be a hidden traitor in our factory

    Heartless creature! You are from our factory, mind you!

    What did we do to offend you that you have to do something so wicked? How can you face the brothers who have gotten injured in the fire? I want to kill you!

    All of the workers who came to know the truth were so agitated that they wanted so badly to rip Fu Jin apart.

    He was so intimidated by their agitated emotions that his face had turned pale.

    As he saw the workers rushing forward, attempting to rip off his flesh, he grabbed Manager Hong along and retreated further.

    Just as he took his first step, he realized that Manager Hong, who had been persuading him the entire time, had suddenly quietened down.

    He had not spoken a word ever since he got to know that he was the one who had committed the act of arson.

    As Fu Jin lowered his head, Manager Hong just happened to look up at him. With a calm gaze, he asked in a resounding tone, Were you really the culprit? Why?!