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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1375

    Chapter 1375 The Culprit 2

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    The majority of the workers in the factory had inherited the art of tie-dye.

    Everyone loved the same thing and had a common goal to protect it. As such, they got along with one another harmoniously, with a relationship as close as family.

    Even though Fu Jin was a finance officer who was transferred to the factory, he had worked in the factory for a few years already and Manager Hong did not treat him as an outsider.

    He called Fu Jins name again when he noticed that he remained rooted to the ground.

    Not only did this call wake Fu Jin from his trance, it made Nian Xiaomu snap back to her senses too.

    She noticed the planner in Fu Jins hand and hurriedly instructed her bodyguards to capture him.

    None shall come over!

    Fu Jin knew that he was unable to escape the moment he spotted the highly trained bodyguards. Turning around, he retreated back to the lounge and grabbed hold of Manager Hong, who was walking out of the room.

    He fished out a swiss knife from his pocket and rested it on Manager Hongs neck.

    Dont move! Otherwise, I will kill him!

    The bodyguards stopped in their tracks at the same time and none of them dared to move forward.

    Manager Hong was shocked by the scene before him. Fu Jin, what are you doing? Are you crazy?

    Fu Jin, calm down, release Manager Hong now! It had never crossed Nian Xiaomus mind that Fu Jin would lose his cool so quickly and take Manager Hong as his hostage even before she said anything.

    She gestured to the bodyguards to retreat while she walked forward herself.

    I returned because I dont understand some of the accounts. I hoped that you could explain them to me again. Why are you holding onto Manager Hong?

    Fu Jin lifted his head and took a glance at her in shock. Then, he retreated a few steps

    while strangling Manager Hong and pinned him to the wall.

    He scoffed and said, You dont have to pretend anymore. You have already guessed it, right?

    Fu Jin was no fool either.

    He realized that something was wrong when he saw Nian Xiaomu returning to the factory.

    When he saw that her bodyguards were also following behind her, he was even more certain that she might be coming for him.

    He could originally deny his doings. However, now he was holding onto Manager Hongs planner and he could no longer explain his actions.

    Furthermore, he had taken great pains to find this planner. He would never hand it over!

    All of you, back off! Allow me to leave this place or I will kill him! Fu Jin applied pressure on the swiss knife that was resting on Manager Hongs neck and blood emerged from his neck immediately.

    Manager Hong knitted his eyebrows. He had lived a fruitful life, and he had seen everything.

    Despite so, he still found it difficult to make sense of this turn of events.

    Fu Jin is the finance officer of the factory and he has always treated him with respect. Why did he suddenly turn into someone like this?

    Fu Jin, do you have any difficulties? You can tell us, we will all help you to resolve them. Please dont ever do anything silly! Manager Hong persuaded him repeatedly with a kind intention in mind.

    Manager Hong still chose to believe that he was a man of good nature even at this point of time.

    As a look of guilt flashed past Fu Jins eyes, he remained silent and gritted his teeth. He continued to strangle Manager Hong around the neck while retreating, hoping to leave the factory through the back door.

    The incident happened very suddenly.

    The other workers in the factory rushed over immediately when they heard that something had happened to Manager Hong.

    They surrounded the entire area.

    All of their expressions changed when they saw that Fu Jin was the one who was keeping Manager Hong hostage with a knife.

    Fu Jin, what are you doing? That is Manager Hong!

    Quickly put down the knife. All of us work in the same factory, why cant we talk things over?

    Tell us if you have any difficulties, and we can all help you to think of solutions. Please dont hurt Manager Hong

    Everyone chimed in to persuade Fu Jin.

    No one doubted him for doing something that was wicked beyond redemption. Instead, everyone was worried for him, thinking that he had met with some difficulties and taken the wrong path as a result.