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    Chapter 1374 The Culprit 1

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    Without a second word, Nian Xiaomu immediately hung up the call and rushed back to the factory.

    Her gaze tightened when she looked down and saw the financial report in her hands.

    She had always thought that all the factory workers had risked their lives to put out the fire purely because they wanted to protect the factory; even if the culprit for the arson was caught, he would surely be an outsider who was not a worker of the factory.

    However, whatever that Fan Yu said triggered an alarm within her.

    The fire did not start burning outside the factory, but the inside.

    She had toured the clothing factory during her first visit. Manager Hong had worked here for his entire life, and he had established a series of safety precautions for the place.

    She would believe it if no one discovered the truth about the fire if it had been set outside the factory.

    However, if no one discovered that a person had actually sneaked into the factory and started a fire, this meant that the person must be highly skilled. That being said, how could such a person be unable to hold onto a lighter properly and burn himself, leaving a trace of evidence at the scene of the crime in the process?

    Unless this person was someone close to them!

    Fu Jins face flashed past Nian Xiaomus face.

    He had mentioned the other time that he had burnt himself while he was putting out the fire.

    Nian Xiaomu had subconsciously believed his words as she had seen with her own eyes the many workers who had been burnt in the fire while they were protecting the factory.

    However, come to think of it now, he had actually subconsciously used his left hand to receive the cup of water which she had passed to him even though his left arm was bandaged.

    This meant that the injuries on his arm were not serious. Also, he might be a left hander too!

    These two points matched Fan Yus deductions about the arsonist earlier on.

    If he was really the culprit, he must be a good actor.

    He actually managed to fake a painful and regretful look in front of her right after he set fire to the factory!

    So angry!

    As Nian Xiaomu recalled how Fu Jin had searched the lounge earlier on, she took her bodyguards along with her when she returned to the factory, just to be safe.

    When she walked to the entrance of the lounge, she did not see Fu Jin and spotted Manager Hong first instead.

    Manager Hong must have not long finished his tasks, as he was wiping his perspiration with a white towel and making his way toward the lounge. He seemed to be searching for someone.

    Nian Xiaomu immediately recalled she had previously made it known that she would wait for Manager Hong in the lounge.

    Afterward, she instructed Fu Jin to pass the message as she was in a rush to leave.

    And now, Manager Hong was about to enter the lounge.

    Fu Jin, what time did you return? I was about to look for you. What are you searching for? Arent you holding onto my planner?

    Just as Nian Xiaomu was about to walk forward, Fu Jin suddenly walked out of the lounge with something in his hand.

    His expression changed the moment he saw Nian Xiaomu.

    He stood rooted to the ground in shock; it seemed as if he had not expected her to return.

    Fu Jin, why are you holding on to my planner? Manager Hong was too engrossed with what he was doing and he hastily followed Fu Jin out of the lounge.

    He panicked when he saw that the planner that Nian Xiaomu requested was being taken away by Fu Jin, and he was about to clarify things with him and retrieve the planner.

    It had never crossed his mind that he would see Nian Xiaomu entering the factory the moment he stepped out of the lounge.

    The three of them bumped into each other without any warning.

    Vice-President Nian!

    Manager Hong addressed Nian Xiaomu affectionately when he saw her.

    Then, he thought of something and hurriedly pointed to Fu Jin, who was standing in front of him. The planner that you have requested is with him. Fu Jin, quickly hand the planner over to Vice-President Nian.

    At that moment, Manager Hong still had not detected anything amiss with the person in front of him.