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    Not all the numbers may be correct, but the huge sums of the transaction are definitely right. Also, I remember the amount of the monthly expenses and overall ledger amount very clearly. Ive written them all here.

    Fu Jin reported as he took the bottle of water from Nian Xiaomu and drank a mouthful of it.

    The look on his face seemed to show that he was relieved from a huge burden.

    Nian Xiaomu hurriedly picked up the accounts sheet he had replicated and took a glance before muttering, Ive something else to attend to, Ill go now. If Manager Hong comes in later, please inform him.

    Alright, no problem, Fu Jin replied.

    With the accounts sheet in her hand, Nian Xiaomu left the factory speedily.

    Once she was inside her car, she gave Mo Yongheng a call.

    Ive gotten the accounts sheet from the factory, Ill be right back

    Nian Xiaomu had yet to finish her words when she realized that another call was coming in.

    It was from Fan Yu.

    Ill call you back later. Nian Xiaomu hung up Mo Yonghengs call and was about to call Fan Yu back when his call came in again.

    She hurriedly picked it up.

    The following second, Fan Yus gentle voice sounded from the other end of the line, The report for the lighter has come out. There are fingerprints on it, but because the lighter was destroyed in the fire, they werent able to retrieve a complete fingerprint for testing.

    There werent any fingerprints, meaning that it would be more difficult for them to find the arsonist.

    Nian Xiaomus brows furrowed before she heard Fan Yu speak again.

    Although there werent any complete fingerprints collected, theres a new discovery from the lighter.

    Nian Xiaomu abruptly sat upright in her car as she asked, What discovery?

    There are signs of a bloodstain near the striker of the lighter. Its been stained with human blood. Preliminary investigations suspect that when the arsonist was burning things, he or she may have accidentally burnt his or her finger. When they instinctively tried to release their hand from the lighter, he or she may have gotten scratched by the striker, which was why there was human skin and bloodstains left on it. As the striker was left under the cabinet coincidentally, it wasnt burnt by the fire. The newest DNA report is already out.

    Fan Yus words sounded clear with a pause between each word.

    Nian Xiaomus grip on her phone tightened as she asked, Who is it?

    Fan Yu replied, The police have entered the DNA sequence into their database for comparison, and werent able to find any matching DNA. That means that the person has no previous criminal record.

    Why would someone with no criminal record be so daring as to set fire to the Mo Familys factory?

    Who would this person be?

    Nian Xiaomu had no clue at all.

    However, if they werent able to find this person and allowed them to stay unpunished by the law, they wouldnt be able to guarantee that the same thing would not happen after they rebuilt the factory!

    Fan Yu went on, Ive seen the patrolling route of the guards in the Mo Familys clothing factory. Manager Hong is an extremely cautious person. If an ordinary person wanted to set fire to the place, they would only be able to do so from the outside. To be able to sneak into the factory and enter the accounting office without alerting anyone, that person has to be someone from the inside.

    Youre suspecting that it was done by a worker from the factory? Nian Xiaomu was stunned for a moment before she started to frown.

    Such speculation made her instinctively have some doubts.

    She saw for herself how devoted the workers were towards protecting the factory. How could it be one of them?

    Right, theres an unconfirmed discovery as well. Fan Yu hesitated for a moment before going on, The fingerprint on the lighter wasnt complete, but from the position of the remaining part of the fingerprint that was left, they could vaguely guess that the arsonist used his or her left hand. We cant rule out the possibility that he or she might be a left-hander.

    Left hand, left-hander.

    Someone without a prior criminal record.

    A certain idea flashed past Nian Xiaomus head and her eyes turned sharper as she exclaimed, I know who it is!