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    Yes, thats right. Im the one keeping the accounts. But, theyve been destroyed by the fire now. Speaking of this, a melancholic look swept past Fu Jins face.

    It seemed as if his heart was aching terribly, but he kept a straight face on and did not reveal any hint of it at all.

    Not only that, he even pulled out a chair and sat in front of Nian Xiaomu as he started to talk to her.

    Vice-President Nian may not know, but our factory didnt used to be like this. When the elderly head was around, the factory was bustling with people and business was really good. The products our factory produced were also very popular, and we reaped huge profits. Back then, not just myself, but many others could hardly cope with the work. But, now

    Fu Jin let out a sigh, his gaze turning sullen.

    In just a matter of three years, everything had changed.

    So, does that mean you remember what the accounts were like last time? Nian Xiaomu asked cautiously with an expectant gaze.

    After all, Manager Hong wasnt the accountant and even if he jotted down some of the accounts, he would not have remembered them as well as a professional accountant like Fu Jin.

    Of course, the accounts in the factory were recorded by me. I wouldnt dare claim to remember those from a long time ago, but if it is just for the last six months, I should have at least an 80 percent memory of it!

    As an employee of the Mo Corporation, there was no way one could take on a huge responsibility if he or she had no skills at all.

    The reason Fu Jin had stayed in his position for such a long time was that he was good with numbers and had never made a mistake with the accounts.

    Nian Xiaomu remembered Manager Hong mentioning this to her previously.

    Now that Fu Jin himself had affirmed this, this dispelled some worries Nian Xiaomu had.

    She found a pen and paper from the table and made Fu Jin write down all the accounts he could remember.

    When she was passing him the pen, she realized that Fu Jins left hand was injured.

    Its fine, its just a small injury. The day I came back was coincidentally the day that the factory was on fire. When I rushed over, the accounting office was already on fire. I was worried that there were important documents inside, so I was too eager to extinguish the flames and I accidentally got burnt.

    Fu Jin paused for a moment, and let out a bitter laugh as a layer of mist started to form in his eyes.

    Im not worried that you might think of it as a joke, but I joined the Mo Corporation once I graduated, and was then sent to the clothing factory. I stayed here for so many years, and have a deep bond with this place. Its almost my home.

    Nian Xiaomu could still clearly remember the scene of the tragedy that day.

    Many workers in the factory had gotten themselves burnt out of their anxiousness to put out the fire. Just thinking about it made Nian Xiaomus heart feel sour.

    Looking back to Fu Jins injured left arm, her doubts about him were completely eliminated.

    Fu Jin, let me tell you honestly. The factorys accounts are very important to me, so I hope you can recall them as best as you can, especially the accounts for the past three years. I need the records for every big transaction that passed through.

    I understand. Dont worry, I remember all of them! With that, Fu Jin took the pen from her hand and lowered his head, starting to recall the accounts.

    The lounge became very quiet, with only the two of them inside.

    While Fu Jin was replicating the accounts, Nian Xiaomu did not want to disturb him and simply stood up to walk around nearby to see if there would be any new discoveries.

    But, even after going through the whole lounge, she could not find anything useful.

    It suddenly came to her that Fu Jin had been writing for a long time, so she went to get a bottle of mineral water to pass to him.

    Take a break first before you continue.

    Im almost done Fu Jin replied instinctively and took the bottle of water from her. He had just reached out his left arm when he remembered that it was injured, so he switched to his right arm instead.

    Ill help you unscrew the bottle cap. Nian Xiaomu placed the bottle cap aside and passed the opened bottle of mineral water to him.

    By now, Fu Jin had finished writing his last digit and had his head raised in excitement.

    Im all done!