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    Chapter 1371 Whos There? 4

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    Nian Xiaomu turned and headed into the lounge by herself.

    It was also the only place in the factory which had not been affected by the fire.

    Everything that could be used in the factory was basically moved here, so it was now a temporary storage room.

    Just when Nian Xiaomu reached the entrance of the lounge, she spotted someone inside.

    The person seemed to be looking for something and was wondering around, going through the things on the table.

    Was he a thief?

    Nian Xiaomus nerves tightened and she swiftly approached the door of the lounge. Upon seeing that it was an unfamiliar face inside, she immediately said in a deep voice, Who are you and what are you doing here?

    The man in the room did not expect someone to be here at this time, and he slowly raised his head as his hand froze in the midst of going through the things on the table.

    If Nian Xiaomu had seen the side profile of an unfamiliar face earlier, she now had a clear view of the person before her.

    It was a stranger indeed.

    She had no recollection of this person at all.

    Nian Xiaomu might not be sure about other things, but she had a photographic memory of people she had seen before. If she had really seen someone before, she would remember their face.

    Unless she had never seen this person at the factory before!

    You are?

    The unfamiliar man stood properly at the table and did not have any hint of guilt on his face at all, but turned to look at Nian Xiaomu very calmly.

    After a moment, he seemed to have recalled something and he asked, Youre the new Vice-President Nian?

    Upon hearing that the person knew her, Nian Xiaomu narrowed her eyes but did not respond.

    The man spoke again, Im the factorys accountant. Ive been away from work for some time. I just came back two days ago and there was a fire at the factory. I heard the news that the factory would be rebuilt today, so I came over specially to take a look.

    Upon hearing his words, Nian Xiaomu started to size the man up.

    He was in his thirties and wore a pair of gold-rimmed spectacles.

    He was dressed very neatly and his hair had been brushed impeccably well. One could easily tell that he was usually a stern person.

    Nian Xiaomu tried to recall in her head and confirmed that she had indeed never met the accountant before, despite having been to the factory a few times.

    She had asked Manager Hong before, and he merely said that the accountant was overseas for work and was not back yet.

    She never expected to meet him here.

    Hello Vice-President Nian, let me introduce myself. Im Fu Jin, nice to meet you. Please look out for me in the future. The man went forward and straightened his clothes before reaching his hand out to Nian Xiaomu politely.

    Its nice to meet you. Sorry, because I havent seen you before, so I mistook you for a thief. Nian Xiaomu muttered slightly awkwardly.

    After shaking her hand with Fu Jin, she asked out of curiosity, You seemed to be looking for something earlier, what were you looking for?

    Fu Jin was stunned for a moment before he broke out in a bitter grin. What else? Since I came back, the fire burnt the accounting office. The seal and other important items were locked in the drawer. Today, I heard that some items were found in the fire, so I came over to take a look. If such an important item was not burnt, Ill have to keep it safe.

    As Fu Jin went on, he raised his head to look at the areas that had been destroyed by the fire outside and lamented while adjusting the spectacles on his nose bridge,

    Ive been working here for many years. Never did I expect that one day, such a disaster would happen to our factory.

    Once Fu Jin was done speaking, he turned to look at Nian Xiaomu gratefully and remarked, I almost forgot to thank Vice-President Nian. I heard that it was you who earnestly asked the company to help us rebuild the factory.

    He spoke so sincerely that Nian Xiaomu felt rather embarrassed interrupting him.

    The two chatted a little before Fu Jin took out a chair to let Nian Xiaomu sit down.

    Earlier, you said that youve been working at the factory for many years already. Then, usually, are you the one keeping the accounts?