The Rest Of My Life Is For You
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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1188

    Chapter 1188 To Qi Yan

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    Mo Kun imitated Mo Qian so well that no one in Mo Family was able to recognize him.

    A persons personality and clothing can be imitated, but not his ambitions.

    Mo Kun had been making transactions with mysterious funds from overseas. He also wanted the Mo Corporation to expand internationally, however, the idea had been suppressed by the elders.

    A problem occurred three years ago.

    If it wasnt that Mo Yongheng had solved it for him, the Mo Corporation would be in a terrible state now.

    If it was really Mo Qian, with his capabilities, something like this wouldnt have happened!

    Mo Yongheng seemed to know that he could not hide that and used the reason that he was too depressed grieving for his daughter and wife. Then, he let Mo Yongheng run a part of the cooperation.

    That calmed everyone down.

    Now, that it had been brought up by Nian Xiaomu, everyone started thinking about the things that didnt make sense

    Mo Chengliang turned to look at Mo Kun and Mo Kun explained hurriedly,

    Uncle, you knew that I only had one daughter. Nianyu and Xinxin both died and dad fell ill due to the blow. How could I possibly have continued to run the cooperation as if nothing had happened? If you do not trust me, I can hand the cooperation over to Yong Heng. Just that her motives are unclear and we are not sure of her identity. We cannot trust her so easily, I am afraid that the Mo Family would end up in someone elses hands!

    Mo Kun smirked when he saw that Mo Chengliang and the other family members had become suspicious.

    He looked up and questioned Nian Xiaomu,

    Didnt you say that you are the Mo Familys Missy, then do you remember what has happened in the past? If all the uncles ask you something from the past, will you be able to answer? Are you going to claim that you lost your memory if you cannot answer the questions?

    Mo Kun knew that Nian Xiaomu had lost her memories.

    He said it before Nian Xiaomu, so when Nian Xiaomu mentioned it, it would really look like a lie.

    Then, everyone would be suspicious of her identity. Naturally, they would no longer suspect Mo Kun.

    It was a smart and sly move!

    It was a pity

    Nian Xiaomu walked up.

    What does it have to do with losing my memory. Isnt it easy to find out if I am legitimate? Dont you claim to be my father? We can do a DNA test and find out!

    Mo Qian was dead, but, Mo Kun was his twin brother. They had the same DNA.

    The results of the test would confirm that they were father and daughter.

    When they were on their way here, although Qi Yan said that he was not going to interfere, he still reminded Nian Xiaomu of this.

    Although identical twins have the same DNA, in the genetic process, there will still be some slight differences.

    However, normal DNA tests do not compare enough gene sequences to notice.

    If they were to do an in-depth comparison, there would be a difference.

    Mo Qian had no child. If they could get hold of Mo Qian and Mo Kuns DNA, then it would testify who was Nian Xiaomus biological father and prove that he wasnt Mo Qian!

    Unfortunately, Mo Qian was dead.

    There was no way to get hold of his DNA.

    Nian Xiaomu using it to prove her identity as the Mo Familys Missy.

    Nothing would be better proof than scientific evidence.

    Nian Xiaomu saw Mo Kuns face change and credited Qi Yan for it.