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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1187

    Chapter 1187 Who Is The Fake?

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    After Nian Xiaomu had finished, everyone in the living room gasped.

    They looked at her in shock then turned to look at Mo Kun.

    From a young age, Nian Xiaomu had been brought up outside the family, then she was sent out for further education. After she came back, she was always with the Old Master, only the authoritative figures in the Mo Family had seen her.

    She was not like Mo Qian who entered the Mo Corporation early and was helping to run it. Almost everyone in the Mo Family had seen him.

    When they looked at Mo Kun, who looked exactly like Mo Qian, they couldnt tell.

    As for Mo Kun That was the person who was expelled from the Mo Family long ago. How could he be here?

    At that moment, everyone had mixed reactions.

    The issue that Nian Xiaomu was speaking of was too serious!

    It even sounded a bit ridiculous!

    Although Mo Kun had been expelled from Mo Family, everyone knew he was the second son of the Old Master. No matter how unfilial he was, he couldnt possibly kill his brother, his father and try to claim the master seat.

    Missy, are you joking? Mo Kun was chased out by your grandfather long ago and no one was to mention him. How could he be Mo Kun?

    Mo Chengliang was stunned and frowned. There was so much confusion in his wrinkled face.

    Just now, he was overjoyed that the Missy of the Mo Family was not dead. If Old Master knew, he would definitely recover.

    Then, suddenly he was hearing a theory that Mo Qian is not Mo Qian, but Mo Kun. The real Mo Qian was killed by Mo Kun. He could not accept it!

    Mo Chengliang could not digest this news, neither could the rest of the Mo Family.

    Mo Kun was waiting for this moment!

    Little grandpa listen to me

    Nian Xiaomu, what else do you want to say? Do you think by having the Mo Family warrant, you can spout nonsense in front of the elders? Mo Kun cut her off mid-sentence.

    He walked to Mo Cheng Liang and nodded his head.

    Uncle, do not listen to her. She is called Nian Xiaomu and I heard that she is in close relation with City Hs young master, Yu Yuehan. They even held a wedding and who knows where she got her Mo Family warrant from. She is eying on the Mo Familys influence and is acting like my daughter, the Mo Familys Missy!

    Act? Mo Cheng Liang was shocked.

    Mo Kun nodded. Uncle, think about it. If Xinxin was still alive, it has been three years since the fire, why did she only now return to the Mo Family? Xinxin is the successor of Mo Family, how would she not know the importance of her marriage. She got married to Yu Yuehan hastily and brought the Yu Familys influence back to the Mo Family I am afraid that she may be up to something else!

    Mo Chengliangs gaze fell.

    He looked at Nian Xiaomu.

    Nian Xiaomu had not expected Mo Kun to be this shameless. She clenched her teeth.

    You are spouting nonsense! You are the one with an ulterior motive! If it was not for you, I would have returned to the Mo Family long ago! If Yu Yuehan had not brought me back, I would have been killed by you before I even reached the gates!

    Nian Xiaomu looked at Mo Chengliang and pointed at Mo Kun.

    He is not my father. Did none of you notice that his actions are not like my father? Even if he acts like it, his capabilities are nowhere close. Look at Mo Corporations current state and his aggressive style of management. It is evident that he is nothing like my father was three years ago!