The Rest Of My Life Is For You
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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1185

    Chapter 1185 A Life For A Life

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    She did not want to give Mo Kun the chance to threaten her again and again with the lives of her family members.

    Since he had mentioned her mother, she will take the chance to clarify everything!

    Mo Qian is dead! His being alive would be my greatest obstacle, so why would I let him off? I had wanted so badly to crush him to pieces and shatter his bones!

    Mo Kun seemed to be agitating Nian Xiaomu on purpose, as his words sounded insane and gleeful.

    What did you say? Repeat that again! As a look of shock unfolded beneath Nian Xiaomus eyes, she suddenly raised her voice and questioned.

    Mo Kun laughed hysterically upon seeing how affected she was.

    I said that Mo Qian is dead! I saw him perish in the fire with my own eyes, his entire body was burnt to death! Do you feel very heartbroken now? Let me tell you this, if you dont hand over the Mo Family warrant, I have my ways to make her life worse than death even if I dont kill her!

    Mo Kun had originally expected to see an agonizing look on Nian Xiaomus face after he was done howling at her.

    However, all he saw instead was Nian Xiaomus expression that had turned chilly in an instant.

    That pair of eyes which greatly resembled that of her mother were staring fixedly at him fiercely.

    Her lips parted slowly as she said, You are lying to me. My mother loves my father deeply, and she told me more than once that she would rather die if there came a day when she would have to part with him. If my father had really died in your hands, she would never survive in this world alone

    Nian Xiaomu said this sentence in a trembling voice.

    Whats more painful than having your hopes dashed right after you saw a light at the end of the tunnel?

    She had originally thought that her parents might still be alive.

    In the end, however, those were merely lies that Mo Kun had crafted in a bid to threaten her!

    Mo Kuns eyes flickered and he said, Your mother is not dead because she wanted to revenge your father

    Enough! I will not believe any word that you say. I will never hand over the Mo Family warrant; not only that, but I will also personally send you to court with the warrant and watch as you pay a life for a life!

    Nian Xiaomu interrupted him and spoke with a pause after every word.

    The moment she finished speaking, Fan Yu, who had been in charge of inviting the elders of the Mo Family over, just happened to step inside the living room with the Mo Family warrant in hand.

    He had a handsome charm and warm disposition to him and looked formidable just by standing there.

    With a gentle smile at the corner of his lips, he strolled toward Nian Xiaomu and passed her the Mo Family warrant.

    He patted her head gently.

    You said that you wanted to return and settle them all, but why were you the first to cry?

    Nian Xiaomu could not help it and sniffed after having contact with his gentle actions and hearing his loving voice as well.

    She held back her tears immediately when she saw that the elders of the Mo Family were entering the villa.

    Just as she was about to say that she was fine, Yu Yuehan had already pulled her to his side and divided the distance between her and Fan Yu.

    He caressed her face with his long and slender fingers.

    Just like a parent lecturing his disobedient child, he reminded her, How many times have I told you not to let anyone touch your head? You are not smart, what if his touch made you silly?

    She wasnt stupid!

    Along with Fan Yus appearance, many of the influential elders of the Mo Family started to fill the living room of the villa.

    As there were too many people, most of the other members of the family who were less influential remained outside.

    With a swarm of people in the living room, the gathering of the century-old famous family was indeed a magnificent sight!

    A number of people here were from the Mo Family alone, without including the other guardian families of the Mo Family

    The power, the wealth behind the family is is simply unimaginable!