The Rest Of My Life Is For You
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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1184

    Chapter 1184 I Only Hope That My Precious Daughter Would Enjoy A Life Of Happiness

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    Her thirst for kinship made her unable to think logically.

    The only thing that she urgently wanted to know right now was whether her mother was indeed still alive?

    Had she led a good life during the past few years?

    Or could it be that her father was still alive too

    Nian Xiaomu, calm down. Dont get tricked by Mo Kun!

    As Yu Yuehan straightened Nian Xiaomus head, he squeezed her chin with his long fingers and lowered his gaze to stare at her.

    Have you forgotten that Tan Bengbeng had once mentioned that your parents were already seriously injured when the two of you escaped from the Mo Family villa? Even if Mo Kun did not send his men to kill them, they would not be able to escape from the fire as well. In addition, based on their characters, do you think it was actually possible for Mo Kun to have captured them alive?

    Nian Xiaomu shuddered all over!

    She widened her eyes and stared at Yu Yuehan.

    She moved her cherry lips, but her dry throat did not allow her to speak a single word.

    The scenes of the raging fire appeared before her eyes

    The pitiful cries of Liuliu, quickly run replayed beside her ears incessantly.

    She would never be able to forget her fathers gaze during his last breathing moment when he pushed her into the room.

    It was filled with love, and he seemed so reluctant to part with her

    He seemed to be telling her this: Daddys Liuliu has grown up and you will surely take good care of yourself. You do not have to avenge us, I only hope that my precious daughter will enjoy a peaceful life and remain happy all the time

    Nian Xiaomus tears rolled down her face uncontrollably.

    She bit her lip forcefully and willed herself not to cry out loud.

    No one knew how awful she felt after she had regained a portion of her memory and remembered her family background.

    Her parents had doted on her ever since she was young.

    She was like a little princess, as her parents would give her everything that she liked.

    She lived an unbridled life, and she was always in high spirits

    That was all because she had her parents love and care; they were there to shelter her from anything and everything.

    She had always told herself that she would be a filial child to her parents when she grew up.

    However, the parents could not wait for their child to serve her filial duties.

    They did not even have the chance to take a look at their granddaughter, whom they had been looking forward to meeting.

    Xiao Liuliu is so obedient and adorable; if her grandparents were still alive, they would definitely be so happy to see her, and they would surely love her to bits

    As well as Yu Yuehan.

    Her father had been very unwilling to see her get married, as he was afraid that his precious gem would be mistreated if she did not marry a good partner.

    If her father was still alive, he would definitely feel assured when he saw how outstanding Yu Yuehan was and how well he had treated her.

    Her father had even promised her that if she really found someone she loved in the future, he would want to hold her hand during the wedding and walk her down the churchs long winding red carpet. Then, he would hand her over to the man of her dreams, as well as take the chance to threaten the jerk who had taken his daughter away.

    He would definitely deal with him if he mistreated his precious gem!

    She did not care about the so-called inheritance rights.

    Neither was she bothered by the Mo Familys wealth.

    If her parents did not die

    Nian Xiaomu!

    Yu Yuehan strengthened his grip on her face when he noticed that her expression looked a little amiss.

    Nian Xiaomu opened her mouth and spoke in a faint voice, Yu Yuehan, my head hurts I have suddenly recalled a lot of things

    Not only did she recall the parting scene in the fire, but she also remembered the happy memories which the family of three had shared.

    The loving actions between her parents

    Just like the film rolls of a black and white movie, all the scenes played before her eyes.

    It felt familiar yet distant.

    When Nian Xiaomu met Yu Yuehans worried gaze, she gripped onto his finger gently. It was as if she wanted to absorb some of his energy.

    She turned around and faced Mo Kun.

    You said that my mother is still alive, but what about my father? Is he still alive as well?