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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1183

    Chapter 1183 Her Mother Is Still Alive?

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    You are actually different from your father Arent you afraid that I will kill the goddamn old man! Mo Kun looked out of the door at the group of people and roared at Nian Xiaomu in anger.

    Would you release grandpa just because I am afraid? Or would you use him as your bargaining chip and threaten me to hand over the Mo Family warrant? After you have gotten your hands on it, you could then kill us all with ease, right?

    Nian Xiaomu replied sarcastically as a chilly smile appeared at the corner of her mouth.

    Why must I hand over the Mo Family warrant if my death is inevitable? Instead, why cant I use the warrant that my grandfather gave me to get rid of the bad apples? I would first settle the scores with you, the crazy beast, and then beg grandpa for forgiveness!

    Nian Xiaomus exceptional calmness was the reason the elderly head had appointed her to be the heir of the Mo Family.

    She was born with the manners of a Queen; no matter what happened, her first reaction would never be to lose her head out of fear.

    She could find a solution to any complex situation in the shortest possible time. Bit by bit, she would lure the enemy to her trap

    Mo Qian had been too softhearted and apprehensive, and that was why he ended up with a destroyed family.

    However, she would not make the same mistake.

    The members of the Mo Family were not afraid of death, but they would never simply watch someone so ambitious as Mo Kun ruin the entire family!

    She believed that if her grandpa was around, he would praise her current decisions and actions.

    Mo Kun, didnt you let it be known all along that I could forget about entering the Mo Family, despite having the Mo Family warrant with me? In that case, lets bet on something todaylets see if the elders of the Mo Family would place greater trust in me or in you!

    As Nian Xiaomu raised her head, she moved her cherry lips and spoke.

    You! Mo Kun watched as the delegation of Mo Family members closed in on the living room of the villa; he had never once expected that Nian Xiaomu would deal with him in such a manner!

    He had been too careless about it.

    No matter the result, in the end, his identity would definitely be doubted if this matter blew up.

    This was something which he was most reluctant to see!

    He had planned to get rid of Nian Xiaomu silently right from the start, and it was never his wish to startle any of the Mo Family members. However, now

    With a whoosh, Mo Kun raised his head and gritted his teeth. The stupid old man already has one foot in his grave, and it would be fine if you dont save him. Could it be that you are thinking of forsaking your mother as well?

    What did you say? My mother is still alive?!

    Nian Xiaomus gaze changed in an instant.

    She rushed forward and tugged onto the collar of Mo Kuns shirt agitatedly.

    What did you do to her? Where is my mother?

    Nian Xiaomu

    She had moved too quickly and Yu Yuehan could not stop her in time. When he realized what had happened, he walked forward immediately and pulled her away from Mo Kun.

    However, Nian Xiaomu continued to hold onto Mo Kuns shirt tightly and refused to release her grip.

    With red-rimmed eyes, she questioned him, Is what you said true? That my mother is still alive? Or was this simply your excuse to force me to give up!

    Since you know the reason why I hated your father, you should also know that I had fallen in love with your mother at first sight. I killed Mo Qian because he had taken everything that I wanted away from me! The Mo Familys inheritance rights, your mothers love He is already dead, but I would definitely not have the heart to kill your mother since I loved her deeply. As long as you obey me and hand over the Mo Family warrant so that I can suppress todays matter, I will definitely allow you meet your mother.

    It was a very enticing condition.

    Especially when Nian Xiaomu had suddenly gotten to know that her mother might be alive after all these years of thinking that both her parents were already dead.