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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1182

    Chapter 1182 They Are All All Here

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    Nian Xiaomu replied in an attempt to compromise.

    After she had finished speaking, Mo Kun narrowed his eyes. Apart from appearing to be a little hesitant, he seemed to have detected something amiss and did not agree to it immediately.

    However, when he thought about it further, he realized that whatever Nian Xiaomu said wasnt wrong either.

    Since the goddamn old man was in his hands, Nian Xiaomu would definitely not do anything rash unless she wanted to see him dead!

    Mo Kun turned around to look at Mo Yongheng, who had remained silent the entire time and used his eye contact to ask for his opinion.

    Mo Yongheng narrowed his eyes and did not display any expression on his pure and innocent looking face.

    It seemed as if he wasnt planning to comment on this matter and wanted Mo Kun to make the decision on his own.

    Is allowing us to meet that difficult? Or could it be that he isnt even with you? Are you merely tricking me? Nian Xiaomu noticed Mo Kuns hesitant gaze and asked tentatively.

    Of course hes with me! Mo Kun replied without hesitation.

    The moment he finished speaking, some commotion sounded from outside the backyard.

    It sounded like footsteps, a lot of footsteps.

    Someone else seemed to have barged in and quarrels with the security guard ensued

    Mo Kuns face fell and he asked, Whats the matter? Butler, go over and take a look!

    Both Yu Yuehan and Nian Xiaomu were still standing before him and no one else moved away from where they were. Who else would have the guts to barge into the Mo Family villa at this point of time?

    Something was brewing!

    The butler turned around immediately and walked out the moment he received the instructions.

    He walked out of the backyard to take a glance before hurriedly running back to the villa. His expression was filled with panic, and he was so nervous that he stuttered when he spoke.

    Mo, President Mo, the people outside were were

    Who exactly are they? Make yourself clear! Mo Kun knitted his eyebrows and asked in annoyance.

    The butler reported his findings immediately after he had calmed down.

    The elders of the Mo Family are outside, all, all of them are here!

    Mo Kun narrowed his eyes and chided, What nonsense are you spouting? Without the orders from the head of the family, the other members of the Mo Family would not simply come to the Mo Family villa. Do you know how many members there are in the Mo Family? You must have turned dumb with fear!

    With a thump, the butler knelt down and started to explain with red-rimmed eyes.

    President Mo, its true! Not only are the powerful elders here, but even the other members of the family without much influence also. The delegation of more than a hundred people are all outside now; they have already successfully made their way to the backyard, and they will be here very soon

    What did you say?

    Once the butlers words were heard, Mo Kuns expression changed significantly.

    With a whoosh, he lifted his head and stared at the door.

    When he saw that a group of people were indeed swarming towards the villa, a streak of light flashed past his mind and he shifted his gaze to look at Nian Xiaomu.

    It was you, right? You intentionally met me here for the negotiation so that you could have more time to gather all of the members of the Mo Family!

    Isnt it a little late for you to only realize it now? Nian Xiaomu snickered out loud and cast him a satirical gaze.

    Only one thing occupied Nian Xiaomus mind the moment she knew about the horrible deaths that her parents had experienced, and that was to avenge her parents!

    However, she was very clear that she could not be impatient.

    The more impatient she was, the easier it would be to land herself in Mo Kuns trap.

    Mo Kun was certain that she would not have the guts to simply enter City N, but she proved him wrong.

    After failing to kill her, Mo Kun had intentionally lured her to the Mo Family villa with hopes to finish her off. Once again, she proved him wrong.

    Based on Mo Kuns character, he must have also thought of ways to kill her today no matter what.

    However, it would never have crossed Mo Kuns mind that her motive for coming to the Mo Family villa was never to negotiate terms with him; she came over so that Fan Yu would have more time to stay away from his line of sight. With the Mo Family warrant in hand, he would then invite all the members of the Mo Family over to the villa!