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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1181

    Chapter 1181 Why Are You Laughing?

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    It seemed as if Mo Kun had plotted things in advance and hidden the elderly head at another location.

    His motive for doing so was to force Nian Xiaomu into handing over the Mo Family warrant.

    Xiao Mumu, you cant hand it over! Tan Bengbeng, who was standing by her side, couldnt help it and spoke out.

    A vicious, merciless person, Mo Kun had killed his brother and sister-in-law, as well as held his father captive just so he could be the head of the Mo Family. If he really got his hands on the Mo Family warrant and became the legitimate head of the Mo Family, many members of the Family would definitely be in danger!

    Amongst them would be Nian Xiaomu. As well as the elderly head of the Mo Family, whom he hated to the bones.

    The elderly head would really be in a critical situation by then!

    If you dont hand it over, today will be the death date of the goddamn old man. If I tell my men to stop his medication, he will die a natural death the next day. No one would be able to detect any loopholes, much less look into my responsibility in this matter!

    Mo Kun threatened Nian Xiaomu in a firm tone. When he noticed Nian Xiaomus hesitant look from the corner of his eyes, he knew that he had jabbed her at her weak spot.

    Mo Qian had died because he was too kind and lenient.

    Since Nian Xiaomu was his daughter, she would surely value kinship as much as he did and she would not simply watch as the old man died in his hands.

    After he got his hands on the Mo Family warrant, he would be the legitimate new head of the Mo Family. By then, none of them would be able to escape from his claws!

    Nian Xiaomu suddenly spoke. I can hand the Mo Family warrant over to you, but I want to see my grandfather first!

    Xiao Mumu Tan Bengbeng shouted anxiously. Just as she was about to remind her that Mo Kun could not be trusted, Qi Yan suddenly pulled her back and gestured for her to remain silent.

    Nian Xiaomu was no fool.

    Even if she was overwhelmed with sadness and infuriation, she could still fully understand the situation before her.

    With the Mo Family warrant, they still had the capital to fight it out with Mo Kun. If he handed it over, however, they would have to submit themselves to the mercy of the other party.

    Even if Nian Xiaomu was indeed in confusion, Yu Yuehan was beside her.

    Yu Yuehan would not allow her to simply hand over the Mo Family warrant.

    Furthermore, they would definitely have prepared some backup plans for their trip to the Mo Family villa today.

    Qi Yans eyes flickered. His intuition told him that Nian Xiaomu was pretending to fall into the trap.

    As for her motive

    She should have done it to confirm if the elderly head was still alive, as well as to track his whereabouts.

    Qi Yan frowned slightly; he had a feeling that there was still something else that he had not thought of.

    However, they were already here to battle it out with Mo Kun. Could there be another person out there waiting to rescue the elderly head of the Mo Family?

    The moment Mo Kun heard that Nian Xiaomu was willing to hand over the family warrant, he impatiently took a step forward and shouted at her.

    Give me the warrant first. As long as you pass the warrant over, I will let you see your grandfather immediately!

    As Nian Xiaomu met his anxious gaze, she suddenly retreated a step and smiled.

    Why are you smiling? Mo Kun knitted his eyebrows and asked.

    I am laughing at you for being stupid, and yet you are assuming that the entire world would be as stupid as you. You would definitely allow me to see my grandfather if I hand the family warrant to you, but what you meant was, allowing me to see his last breathing moment, right? It would be even more convenient for you to kill us both after we met each other, right?

    Nian Xiaomu said coldly.

    Mo Kuns face froze when he heard this.

    The guilt of being exposed could be seen in his eyes.

    He cleared his throat and spoke.

    What do you want then?

    I want to meet my grandfather, and we will continue our discussion after I have confirmed that he really is fine. My grandfather is in your hands anyway, you dont have to worry that I would not obey your words.