The Rest Of My Life Is For You
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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1180

    Chapter 1180 The Last Breathing Moment

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    Furthermore, you are an heir who has disappeared for three years. If the elderly head suddenly passed away right now, do you think that the rest would trust me, who has been serving the Mo Family diligently, or you, the one who has popped up from nowhere and could possibly be an imposter?

    Despicable! You are not even my father. As long as I expose your identity, do you still think that the members of the Mo Family would believe you?! Nian Xiaomu gritted her teeth in reply.

    Upon hearing this, Mo Kuns smile turned out to be even more gleeful.

    That would also be dependent on your ability to expose me. Dont forget that Mo Qian and I are identical twins, and we have the exact same DNA. Even if a DNA test was done, not only would it prove that your grandfather and I share the relationship of a father and son, it would also show that you and I are father and daughter too. What evidence do you have to prove that I am Mo Kun? Just with those few words of yours? Hahaha!

    Nian Xiaomu could no longer hold it in and retorted, Shameless! Even though you hated my father, my grandfather is still closely related to you by blood. How could you have the heart to lay your hands on an elderly? Are you still humane?

    With a malevolent look, Mo Kun leaped up from the sofa agitatedly.

    Humane? Instead of saying that I hated Mo Qian, why dont I tell you the truth today. The person whom I hated the most was that goddamn old man!

    I am also a descendant of the Mo Family and I was merely born into the world a minute later than Mo Qian. Since when did he have eyes for me, the younger son? Ah! He was only concerned about his power in the Mo Family, and he had set his heart on grooming his older son to inherit his legacy. Since I was young, everything that I did was wrong, and I would never be better than Mo Qian. As long as Mo Qian was alive, that old man would never be able to feel my existence!

    Since that was the case, then sure, I sent his older son to his death. This could be considered as a huge gift from me to him. However, who knew that he would be useless. He suffered a stroke in a fit of anger, and turned into someone who could no longer speak nor stand up

    You are a crazy scoundrel, I want to kill you! Nian Xiaomus eyes had turned bloodshot; she was so angry that she wanted to charge forward and perish with Mo Kun.

    However, Yu Yuehan held onto her tightly and prevented her from acting rashly.

    Mo Kun was intentionally angering her so that she would lose her self-control.

    It would be easier for her to land herself into Mo Kuns trap if she was in a rush to take revenge for her parents.

    Nian Xiaomu, calm down! Trust me, we would surely have ways to save your grandfather and revenge your parents!

    Yu Yuehan clasped her face with both his hands and told her firmly.

    He had also lost both his parents and hence he understood the pain she was going through.

    His parents had died in an accident and his heart had remained shattered ever since.

    It was definitely uneasy for Nian Xiaomu to be able to tolerate it now, as her parents had died such a horrible death and the culprit was standing right in front of her.

    However, this was not the right time yet. They had to wait!

    Yu Yuehan swept his gaze across the living room of the villa.

    His eyes darkened.

    Mo Kun started to speak, Do you want to know why your grandfather didnt send his men to look for you during the past three years? Now, you should be very clear that he is already a useless person, someone who has to rely on medication to sustain his lifeline. Do you think that he would be able to back you up and appoint you to be the head of the Mo Family now that you have returned? Dont be naive! That goddamn old man is in my hands now; if you want to keep him alive, you will have to hand over the Mo Family warrant. Otherwise, I will not give you a chance to even see his last breathing moment!

    The unknown whereabouts of the head of the Mo Family was the reason Nian Xiaomu especially paid a visit to Mo Kun at the Mo Family villa.

    They had tried all methods but were unable to retrieve the whereabouts of the elderly head.