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    Chapter 1179 The Legitimate Female Owner

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    Everyone knew that City N is the Mo Familys territory.

    Since they dared to show up here in an open and aboveboard manner, with the guts to enter the Mo Family villa, how could they have come unprepared?

    The Mo Family villa was a century-old family estate, but Mo Kun was not the one who had built it. Mo Kun had been nursing his health overseas ever since he was born, and Tan Bengbeng had instead lived in the villa for a longer period than him.

    In addition, he was not the heir of the Mo Family, hence he was clueless about the secret door and passage.

    As such, Yu Yuehans men could enter the Mo Family villa easily with Tan Bengbengs coordination.

    Mo Kun must have been delusional for thinking he could get rid of them silently in the Mo Family villa!

    When Mo Kun saw the people who had appeared outside, the expression on his face changed instantly.

    His gaze turned chilly and he stared at Nian Xiaomu for a few seconds. Then he suddenly laughed.

    His crazy laughter sounded exceptionally piercing to the ears.

    I have underestimated you. However, arent you guys afraid that I will call the police and report you guys for barging into the Mo Family villa with so many people in tow? Trespassing a private property is an offense!

    Thats good, we can ask the police to judge who exactly is the legitimate owner of this villa. Is it me, or is it you! Nian Xiaomu lifted her head calmly and spoke with an air of arrogance.

    Even Yu Yuehan, who was standing beside her, could not help but shift his gaze to stare at her.

    Mo Kun had only managed to steady his position by impersonating Mo Qian.

    His expression became extremely ugly the moment he heard what Nian Xiaomu said.

    He could act as if nothing happened in front of everyone else. However, just like an imposter who would be exposed at any time, he could not keep calm when he was facing Nian Xiaomu!

    It seems as if you are not willing to hand over the Mo Family warrant to me? Mo Kun asked coldly.

    I cant give you the Mo Family warrant, but I can prepare a coffin for you instead. Do you want it? Nian Xiaomu said sarcastically.

    You! Mo Kun had never expected that he would one day be ridiculed by a young girl.

    That person was even the daughter of the man whom he hated the most.

    He took in a deep breath and gritted his teeth.

    It seems as though you are planning to give up on your grandfathers life!

    It was said that Nian Xiaomus grandfather had suffered a huge blow after the big event that happened to the Mo Family three years ago, which resulted in the collapse of his health.

    He was rumored to be recuperating and had been kept away from the public ever since.

    He was completely under the care of Mo Kun.

    In the beginning, the elders of the family had their reservations about this arrangement as well; they only agreed to it after Mo Yongheng spoke up and explained that the elderly heads health was indeed in a bad state and that it was not convenient for him to see anyone.

    Mo Yongheng had been staying by the elderly heads side to take care of him. Every month, he would also pick a day when the elderly head felt a little better and allow the rest of the Mo Family members to visit him. As time passed, everyones doubts disappeared after they saw that the elderly head was indeed recuperating.

    Furthermore, both Mo Qian and Mo Yongheng were the two people that the elderly head usually trusted greatly.

    After the elderly head fell ill, it was natural for the two of them to take care of him and also take over the management of the company. There was nothing wrong with these arrangements.

    It had never crossed anyones mind that the person before them was not Mo Qian, and was instead Mo Kun, the one who had been ousted from the Mo Family a long time ago

    The moment Nian Xiaomu heard Mo Kun mention the elderly head, her eyes narrowed and a streak of icy light flickered past her eyes.

    Are you threatening me with my grandfather?

    Mo Kun took in her reaction before taking his time to sit back onto the sofa.

    As he flicked the nonexistent dust on his sleeves, he replied with a gleeful smile at the corner of his eyes, Indeed, there will be people standing on your side since you have the Mo Family warrant with you. However, dont forget that the elderly head has not passed on his position to you. You are merely the heir.