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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1178

    Chapter 1178 None Would Give In

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    Chapter 1178: None Would Give in
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    Upon hearing what Nian Xiaomu had said, Mo Kun swept all of the cups on the coffee table to the ground with a wave of his hand.

    The boiling hot tea spilled onto the carpet.

    A patch of white steam rose upward, but soon after, it disappeared.

    Bit by bit, the calm expression on Mo Kuns face changed.

    He revealed an ostentatiously evil look as well as a sinister gaze

    This was the real him.

    A cold-blooded and heartless monster!

    You are indeed Mo Qians daughter, you are as loathsome as him! All of you love to force me away and snatch my things

    Mo Kun stood up from the sofa slowly and cast a cold smile at Nian Xiaomu.

    Do you guys think that you will have the chance to meet other members of the Mo Family? All of you will only get to see me, and I will be the one who will send you guys off on your last journey on earth!

    The moment Mo Kun finished speaking, lots of people suddenly gathered outside the villa.

    They seemed to have surrounded the entire villa.

    Mo Kun swept his gaze past them, before finally landing his gaze on Tan Bengbengs body.

    He said with a sinister smile.

    It was you, right? Mo Xin had not regained her memories at all, and she doesnt even know who she was. As long as you are dead, she will not be able to recognize any of the other members of the Mo Family. I shall see what can she do in City N then!

    Before Mo Kun had the chance to instruct his men to do anything, Qi Yan had already stepped forward and blocked his body in front of Tan Bengbeng.

    For the first time, his pair of devilish colored eyes showed a murderous look when he met Mo Kuns gaze.

    He opened his mouth coldly and spoke with a pause between every word.

    I shall see who has the guts to hurt her!

    Mo Kun was taken aback by his formidable aura.

    He narrowed his eyes and stared at the person before him in surprise.

    It was as if he only noticed now that, apart from Yu Yuehan, there was another figure that could not be underestimated amongst them.

    In the beginning, Qi Yan had not been planning on meddling with the Mo Familys family affairs, and had intentionally lowered his sense of presence by standing behind Tan Bengbeng.

    However, Mo Kun had straightaway indicated that he wanted to take Tan Bengbengs life the moment he came forward to speak. Did he even ask him for permission?

    Bengbeng belonged to him, and she was currently pregnant with his Little King of Hell. Even he himself did not have the heart to bully her, hence he would not allow anyone else to do so either!

    You are? As Mo Kun stared at Qi Yan, who had got outstanding facial features, he seemed to have recognized him and his eyes enlarged.

    King of Hell? The Mo Family and the Qi Family have always minded our own business and we do not have contact with each other. How dare you meddle with the Mo Familys affairs!

    Who told you that I wanted to meddle with the Mo Familys affairs? I am merely here to watch a show, and I wasnt planning on helping anyone. However Qi Yan reached out his long arm and wrapped it around Tan Bengbengs shoulders.

    He ignored her struggles and forcefully pulled her into his embrace.

    This is my woman, anyone who dares to hurt her will be going against me. I dont care about the Mo Family, I only want her!

    Once Qi Yans words were heard, not only did Mo Kuns expression turn ugly, even Mo Yonghengs gaze changed too.

    As they stared at Tan Bengbeng, who was enveloped in Qi Yans embrace, they all became as silent as a mute all of a sudden.

    A wise man submits to circumstances.

    Mo Kun is not a fool. Now that Nian Xiaomu had got Yu Yuehan to back her, he might just place himself in a disadvantageous situation if he offended Qi Yan and in turn, force him to join forces with Yu Yuehan.

    Anyway, he was holding on to another trump card too

    Mo Kuns expression changed and he suddenly smiled gleefully.

    I would naturally show some respect for the King of Hells woman. As long as you obediently hand over the Mo Family warrant, I can allow you guys to leave this place safely in one piece, and I also guarantee that I will no longer make things hard for you.

    Dream on! Its not about whether you can show mercy to us now. Tables have turned, I will not let you off!

    The moment Nian Xiaomu finished speaking, Yu Yuehans men started to gather outside the door!