The Rest Of My Life Is For You
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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1177

    Chapter 1177 I Have Survived And This Is The Greatest Mistake You Have Made

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    Nian Xiaomu narrowed her eyes slightly at the scene before her.

    She frowned in discomfort and pressed onto her head.

    This scene seemed to be present in her dust-filled memory as well; as her father sipped his tea in the exact same living room, she would sit opposite him with the companys report in hand and narrate the contents to him.

    Whenever she narrated something which she was unclear of, she would pause and clarify things with him.

    At this point in time, her father would swiftly place down his teacup and pull the daughter, whom he had recently brought home, into his embrace. Then, he would patiently guide her through it while she sat on his lap.

    As for Mo Yongheng Nian Xiaomu raised her head and looked at where he was currently standing.

    He was standing in the exact same spot!

    He used to stand beside her father in the past as well, just like this!

    Liuliu, you have just come back and you can take your time to understand how everything works. You can ask Yongheng about the matters if Daddy is not around; even though he is only a few years older than you are, he entered the company way before you, and so he is definitely much more knowledgeable than you are.

    A familiar voice sounded beside Nian Xiaomus ears.

    It sounded so loving and doting.

    Daddys Liuliu is so smart, you would surely be quick to learn things!


    Numerous images started to stack up in Nian Xiaomus mind.

    At one moment, it would show the happy times which the family of three used to spend together, whereby Mo Qian would bring her out to play.

    The next moment, the images before her would change to that of a huge fire, with her parents blocking their bodies in front of the door and urging her to escape

    Her head felt as though it was about to erupt.

    It seemed as if her entire body was about to be torn into pieces!

    Whats wrong? As Yu Yuehan was standing beside her, he was the first to realize her odd expression and he reached out to touch her forehead.

    Just as he made contact with Nian Xiaomus skin, she grabbed onto his hand and pointed at Mo Kun agitatedly.

    That is my Daddys seat, and that is my Daddys favorite tea as well!

    The entire living room sunk into silence because of the sudden invasion of this voice.

    With red-rimmed eyes, Nian Xiaomu cast a fierce glare at Mo Kun, who was tasting his tea with a calm expression. She had to fight to control her urge to rush forward and kill this murderer!

    Have you recalled everything? Mo Kun met Nian Xiaomus gaze and displayed a warm smile.

    His mature aura and graceful actions made it pretty much impossible for one to tell that he was, in fact, an evil, heartless person.

    Mo Kun had put in a lot of effort into perfecting his impersonation of Mo Qian.

    As time passed, even he himself would sometimes be confused about his true identity.

    It seemed as though he was representing Mo Qian to be alive, as his every behavior and habit had turned out to be exactly the same as Mo Qians

    However, even so, Nian Xiaomu could still tell that he was not Mo Qian at first glance.

    This was the reason why he hated her so much!

    He would only be able to turn into Mo Qian and become the legitimate head of the Mo Family after she died!

    Mo Kun placed the teacup down and lifted his head slightly.

    Actually, I look exactly the same as your Daddy. As long as you are willing, you can still take me as your father

    Bullshit! Dream on! Someone so cold-blooded as you isnt fit to have family members! You should just go to hell! Nian Xiaomu gritted her teeth in anger. If Yu Yuehan had not held her back, she might have rushed forward and fought it out with Mo Kun.

    She wanted so badly to tear Mo Kun to pieces the moment she remembered that he had killed her parents, even borrowing her fathers name and lying to all of the members of the Mo Family.

    Mo Kun, dont think that you can manage to cheat everyone with your lies. I have survived, and this is the greatest mistake you have made. My return means that your death date is approaching!

    She is the heir of the Mo Family, the one who has the Mo Family warrant.

    And now, as long as she gathered all of the members of the Mo Family and expose Mo Kuns identity, he would have to pay the price for all the bad things that he had done!