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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1175

    Chapter 1175 Bengbeng You Have Changed

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    Her body froze instantly when she turned around and saw Yu Yuehan, who had just gotten into the car.

    She gestured at Tan Bengbeng furiously with her gaze, hoping that she would stop talking about Mo Yongheng for now and think of ways to save her.

    She was afraid of death!

    Tan Bengbeng was stunned. When she saw Yu Yuehan, who was pulling a long face, she pushed open the car door and got out of the car without a second thought.

    There are so many people in one car and it feels a little squashed. Ill go sit in the one behind.

    As Tan Bengbeng shut the car door, she turned around and left without hesitation.


    Bengbeng, you have changed!

    Have you forgotten that you are my secret guard?

    The person whom you are serving is about to die, yet you actually leave her in the lurch

    Nian Xiaomu turned around and looked at Yu Yuehan, who had been staring at her yet remained silent the entire time. Pursing her lips nervously, she said, Yu Yuehan, which era are we in right now? You should know that things like matchmaking by parents and child grooms no longer exist, right?

    My grandfather must have liked Mo Yongheng and hence kept him by his side. Things might not be what you have heard just now Even if thats the case, we already have a kid together. My grandfather would surely not go to the extent of interfering in our love affair and separate us, right?

    Furthermore, even if he disapproves of us, arent we already legally married? Just like you have said, whats done cannot be undone, so theres nothing to be worried about now. You wouldnt be mad about it, right?

    Nian Xiaomu finished saying everything in a single breath and she was so exhausted that she could not breathe properly.

    She was afraid that Yu Yuehan would strangle her to death and prevent her from speaking her mind if she spoke too slowly.

    By the time she recovered to her normal state, she realized that Yu Yuehan still remained silent. At that moment, she was so intimidated that she pounced into his embrace and took the initiative to ask for hugs and kisses.

    The next second, however, Yu Yuehan raised his hand and covered her mouth.

    Nian Xiaomu, we are in City N now and the bodyguards out there work under the Mo Family. How could you be the heir of the Mo Family and take charge of the family affairs if people saw your shameless actions?

    He spoke in a regular tone.

    His expression had returned back to normal too.

    He seemed perfectly fine.

    Arent you angry?


    In that case, let me appease you again?

    Yu Yuehan rejected her mercilessly and replied in a chilly tone, Whats so great about appeasing me in the car? Do it on the bed if you are really that capable.

    Wow Young Master Han, nobody can afford to offend you!

    The car drove away from the airport in no time and they made their way towards the Mo Family villa.

    Due to the child groom incident, Yu Yuehan did not hug Nian Xiaomu or take advantage of her throughout the entire journey. Instead, he turned around and instructed the assistant to get his hands on Mo Yonghengs information again.

    That included the events that happened while he accompanied Nian Xiaomu for her education abroad. Not a single bit of information could be missed

    As Nian Xiaomu shrank her body in the corner, she stared at the man who had turned into a complete devil and was so afraid that she dared not say anything.

    When she looked through the rearview mirror and saw that a few cars were following at a reasonable distance behind them, she knew that Mo Yongheng was on board one of them and what Tan Bengbeng said earlier on flashed through her mind.

    Did Mo Yongheng help them out of kindness, or was it because he took her grandfathers joking into account and wanted to leave himself a way out by winning the favors from both sides?

    Right now, she really could not tell if this man was a good person, or if he was a hypocrite

    Yu Yuehan and Nian Xiaomu feared that Mo Kun would play dirty tricks on them and they were already mentally prepared for some hiccups along the journey. As such, it truly did not cross their mind that their journey to the Mo Family residence would be so smooth!

    Just as the car came to a halt, the tightly shut gates of the Mo Family villa suddenly opened slowly from the inside