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    Chapter 1174 Fi Fi Fiance?

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    Yu Yuehan and Nian Xiaomu looked each other in the eyes; they could not tell what Mo Yongheng was planning to do, and hence they would not simply get onto his car.

    President Mo, we appreciate your kind thoughts, but our vehicle is already here. Since everyone is heading to the Mo Family villa, we will still end up at the same destination despite the different means to get there. As such, we would not be troubling you.

    Yu Yuehan spoke calmly.

    After he had rejected Mo Yongheng, he reached out to pull open the car door and allowed Nian Xiaomu to get in first.

    Tan Bengbeng was sitting at the outermost seat when the car door opened.

    As Mo Yongheng was standing at a distance just inches away from the car door, she met his gaze in no time. At that moment, Tan Bengbeng appeared to be a little shocked.

    It seemed as though she wanted to say something yet did not know what to say.

    As Nian Xiaomu was standing closest to her, she noticed her peculiar expression in no time and she asked, Whats wrong?

    Tan Bengbeng snapped back to her senses and replied, I have seen him before, he used to stand at the side when you visited the elderly head in the past and the elderly head never wanted him to excuse himself. He trusted him greatly, just like how you trust me.

    Even though Tan Bengbeng had not said anything explicitly, Nian Xiaomu vaguely understood what she meant.

    Mo Yongheng seemed like a man of few words with no special traits. However, even though he was not the direct descendant of the Mo Family, the elder head had set his eyes on him and even brought him up personally. As such, he must be outstanding in some way or another.

    Mo Yongheng must have known that Mo Kun was the culprit behind the major event during that fateful year which implicated the elderly head, so why did he continue to stay by Mo Kuns side and work for him?

    If he was really serving Mo Kun, then why did he remind and urge them to find Tan Bengbengs whereabouts before Mo Kun did at that time?

    This man was really hard to fathom!

    Look at how the bodyguards beside him stand. They are not here to protect him, but to spy on him. Tan Bengbeng collected her gaze and told Nian Xiaomu as she sat in the car.

    Nian Xiaomu was taken aback when she heard this.

    She turned her head around again and looked out of the car window.

    Only then did she understand the reason behind Mo Yonghengs weird presence from the beginning when she first saw him. It turned out that Mo Yonghengs bodyguards were the weird ones, not him!

    Mo Kun did not trust Mo Yongheng at all and he had sent his men to spy on him.

    As Tan Bengbeng pursed her lips, she hesitated for a few seconds before speaking up again.

    Xiao Mumu, actually, there was something that I have been hiding from you.

    Eh? Nian Xiaomu turned around and looked at her with a confused expression.

    You are the elderly heads favorite granddaughter, and he had always taken great care of you as if you were a precious golden nugget. After you were taken home to the Mo Family, you became the only person who could enter the elderly heads residence and study room freely without prior notification. The elderly head once said that you were the most outstanding descendant of the Mo Family

    Tan Bengbeng paused. She turned around to look at Mo Yongheng, who was standing beside the car door, then continued speaking.

    The elderly head was afraid that your future husband would mistreat you and could not bear to see you getting married. As such actually, the reason why the elderly head kept Mo Yongheng around him and groomed him personally was that he wanted him to marry you when you grew up so that he could help you in managing the Mo Family together!

    In this way, Mo Yongheng could be deemed as the child groom whom the Mo Family had prepared for Nian Xiaomu

    Yu Yuehan just happened to get into the car as Tan Bengbeng said this sentence.

    The reason the elderly head of the Mo Family had groomed Mo Yongheng ever since he was young was so that he could marry Nian Xiaomu. He did not catch the rest of the story, and this was the only sentence that he had heard clearly.

    His handsome face darkened instantly!

    The pressure in the car changed.

    As Nian Xiaomu stared at Tan Bengbeng with her mouth agape, a sudden gust of cold wind swept past her!