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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1173

    Chapter 1173 Thisis Just Too Strange

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    Before Zheng Yan arrived at the airport, Nian Xiaomu had already explained to her everything Mo Kun had done.

    The Zheng Family and the Mo Family went a long way back. Once Zheng Yan had heard that the actual Mo Qian had been killed and replaced by his biological brother who attempted to usurp the position of the head of the family, she was absolutely furious.

    Without further hesitation, she wanted to meet them at the airport and go to the Mo Family to seek justice!

    Before they set off, Zheng Yan had sent her men to check the situation at the Mo Family just for the sake of safety.

    She knew that Mo Kun claimed that he was sick and had rejected seeing anyone the last few days, while Mo Yongheng had been helping him watch over the company and was an accessory to this tyrant!

    Zheng Yan also found out that three years ago, after what happened to the Mo Family, Mo Kun had stubbornly insisted on attracting investment. The result of this was a huge mess in the Mo Corporation.

    The Zheng Family had felt something amiss and separated from the Mo Corporation. Back then, many other shareholders left the Mo Corporation as well.

    In the end, the one who had helped Mo Kun put a stop to the chaos in the company was Mo Yongheng!

    Mo Yongheng had been by the elderly heads side since he was young. Although he was not a biological grandson, he had earned the deep trust of the elderly head. With Mo Yongheng helping Mo Kun act as Mo Qian, the other members of the Mo Family did not suspect the lie of the elderly head being too sick to see anyone.

    In reality, the elderly head had long been under the control of Mo Kun!

    Without Mo Yongheng, Mo Kun could not have earned the power as the head of the Mo Family!

    Such an ungrateful person actually was shameless enough to fetch them from the airport

    Upon hearing the words Mo Yongheng, Zheng Yan was instantly boiling with rage!

    With that, even when Nian Xiaomu explained to her that Mo Yongheng had previously got Fan Yu to remind them to find Tan Bengbeng, Zheng Yan did not believe him and said, Do you guys really think he was doing that with good intentions? He was probably afraid of getting retribution because he committed so much evil, right? Otherwise, he was probably giving you guys some reminder so that you would fight against Mo Kun. When both sides are fatally wounded, he would be able to reap the profits! Otherwise, if he was really out to help you guys, why would he not put in any effort at all and instead go around helping Mo Kun to hide his secret from the elders of the Mo Family?!

    Although some of Zheng Yans words were out of spite, they were not without logic.

    For a moment, no one refuted her.

    Everyones gaze simply turned to Mo Yongheng, who was slowly approaching them.

    Clad in a black suit, Mo Yongheng appeared cold and a man of few words.

    His cold, distant image looked extremely unfriendly.

    Especially in contrast to the bodyguard around him who took meticulous care of him. He looked extremely similar to the time Nian Xiaomu had first seen him!

    Only when he stopped in front of Yu Yuehan did the bodyguard beside him retreat a little.

    Mo Yongheng went forward and muttered coldly, Upon receiving the news that Young Master Han and Miss Nian have arrived at City N, President Mo gave me orders to fetch the two of you back to the Mo Family.

    Once he had spoken, everyones expressions changed.

    It was not strange that Mo Kun knew that they had arrived at City N. But, he had actually not sent any men to kill them, but especially sent Mo Yongheng to take them back to the Mo Family villa.

    This was just too strange!

    Zheng Yan was the first to burst out, Did President Mo send you to fetch us or kill us?

    It was a direct blow on Zheng Yans part.

    Her question was so straightforward that it was rather difficult to ward off her blow.

    If it was someone else, they would have appeared somewhat awkward with her question.

    However, Mo Yongheng simply looked her in the eye and neither acknowledged or denied it!

    Zheng Yan responded, Well, I guess this is really an open secret!

    The fact that Mo Kun did not want Nian Xiaomu to return to the Mo Family alive, was not something made known just a day or two ago.

    It was meaningless on Mo Yonghengs part to deny this now.