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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1172

    Chapter 1172 : He Is Working Under Mo Kun

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    She had heard of the Elder Miss of the Zheng family, but she did not have much of an impression of her.

    Tan Bengbeng had never expected Zheng Yan to be so beautiful With a kind of beauty that could charm and seduce all men, it seemed as if numerous men would definitely flock forward just so they could catch her smile the moment she snapped her fingers.

    Furthermore, Zheng Yan seemed to take a great fancy to Qi Yan.

    For some unknown reason, Tan Bengbengs heart felt a little queasy. However, she still greeted her with a simple gesture by nodding her head at her.

    Zheng Yan only had eyes for Qi Yan, and she did not notice that someone else was standing beside him.

    Furthermore, it was a lady who looked extremely neat and suave.

    Zheng Yans impression of Tan Bengbeng was restricted to how she had looked when she was very young.

    However, Zheng Yan had got to hear the name Tan Bengbeng numerous times ever since she had made friends with Nian Xiaomu, and she had never expected that the person whom everyone had deemed to be already dead was actually still alive.

    Her reaction was a little slower than Tan Bengbengs. When she snapped back to her senses, she rushed forward immediately and reached out to hug Tan Bengbeng.

    Its great that you are back, great that you are back!

    Tan Bengbeng was used to having a cold personality and she did not like to have close contact with anyone.

    Zheng Yans sudden hug made her have a subconscious urge to push her away.

    Just as she raised her hand to do so, she paused when she heard what Zheng Yan had said.

    She looked at her in surprise.

    Zheng Yans tone sounded so much like concern from a family member.

    When they obviously did not know each other

    You might not remember me, but I remember you. My family used to live next to yours when I was young, and I used to watch you and your brother play together in the backyard. At that time, I would be so envious of you for having an elder brother whenever I saw him taking care of you!

    You knew each other when you were young? Qi Yan asked.

    Apart from hearing Tan Bengbeng mention her family once when they were on the isolated island, she had never talked about them during the rest of the time.

    He only knew that she had got an elder brother named Tan Lielie.

    Both of their names formed the term Tian Beng Di Lie, which means the Heaven falling and the earth rending.

    However, he knew almost nothing about her childhood.

    It would be impossible for him to wait for Tan Bengbeng to tell him about it. Hence, if this woman named Zheng Yan could fill him in on the details, he would not mind passing her his mobile number.

    As Tan Bengbeng stood rooted beside the car door, she stared in surprise as Zheng Yan and Qi Yan suddenly started to exchange their contact numbers. Without herself knowing, her grip on the car door tightened.

    Qi Yans expression was so cold when he first saw Zheng Yan.

    She thought that he would be different from other men and that he would not judge somebody by their appearance. However, she had never expected that he would fail to hold on after just a minute!

    Tan Bengbeng did not know what was with herself either, as her heart suddenly felt extremely suffocated and uneasy.

    The longer she stared at Qi Yans demonic face, the more annoyed she felt. All of a sudden, she blurted a sentence loudly, My elder brother died when he was very young.

    Tan Bengbeng was only aware of what she had done when she saw Qi Yan and Zheng Yan stop their interaction and turn around to stare at her.

    She panicked. Reaching out, she pulled the car door open and sat inside.

    She covered her face with both her hands and bit her lip in exasperation.

    What exactly was wrong with her just now?

    Before Tan Bengbeng could return to her senses, another voice sounded from outside the car.

    Yu Yuehans assistant had returned to report to him.

    Young Master Han, I have just received news that Mo Yongheng is here, and he is right outside the airport. He said that he has especially come to receive Young Master Hans flight upon knowing that you have come to City N!

    The moment the assistant finished speaking, Tan Bengbeng turned around subconsciously and looked out of the car window.

    At a distance not too far away, a cold and elegant figure was slowly making his way toward them

    Before Tan Bengbeng could take a closer look at the person, Zheng Yan shouted anxiously, Dont believe him, he is not a kind soul. He is working under Mo Kun!