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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1168

    Chapter 1168 Name A Condition

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    Qi Yans gaze grew deep.

    No one would have thought that the warrant signifying the Mo Familys highest authority, would be hidden in a normal kaleidoscope.

    Furthermore, Tan Bengbeng placed the kaleidoscope in an obvious position.

    Even Qi Yan was shocked when she picked up the kaleidoscope and said it was the Mo Family warrant.

    Who would have expected her to be so daring?

    His Bengbeng was indeed unique.

    She was so outstanding that he wanted to take her back and hide her from others.

    However, in her eyes and heart, there was only Xiao Mumu

    Why do you keep looking at me? Tan Bengbengs gaze met with his burning gaze and she moved aside uncomfortably.

    However, she was buckled in the seatbelt and could not move.

    How did you think of leaving the Mo Family warrant at your bedside? Werent you afraid that it would be taken? Qi Yan rested his head on his arm and asked.

    Tan Bengbeng grinned.

    The most dangerous place is also the safest place. Normally, no one enters my apartment building, if something really happens to me, then it would be that Mo Kun found out about my identity. To find the Mo Family warrant, he would tear down every single wall in my apartment, no safe would be able to hide from him. So, I might as well place it somewhere everyone could see, he wouldnt believe that such an important thing would be found so easily. He may even throw it away.

    Qi Yan stared at her and did not speak.

    Tan Bengbeng blushed under his gaze and touched her face subconsciously.

    Was there something on her face?

    Qi Yan grinned. There is nothing on your face, in fact, it is very beautiful. So memorizing that I cannot look away.

    He was great at flirting.

    Tan Bengbeng was taken aback, she looked at him calmly.

    It was as though she was trying to figure out what was wrong with his eyes.

    It was very common for her to hear praises like this, however, that was because she was always around Nian Xiaomu and they were praising Nian Xiaomu.

    No one ever said these things to her.

    Tan Bengbeng was not ugly, but she was not the stunning kind of beautiful. However, the more you looked at her, the better looking she got.

    Upon hearing Qi Yans nonsense, she fell silent for a few seconds and said again, Cant you speak properly without lying?

    Qi Yan frowned. I am not lying!

    Tan Bengbeng shot him a warning glance. Then, you should schedule an appointment with the ophthalmologist.

    Couldnt he find her good looking?

    Was she planning to anger him to his death so that there wouldnt be anyone pestering her anymore?

    Qi Yan never thought that there would be a day where he would be speechless.

    Then, he realized something and looked at Tan Bengbeng in surprise.

    Bengbeng, you can crack lame jokes now!

    When they alighted, Tan Bengbeng left first to check if the car picking them up was safe.

    Qi Yan did not follow her, instead, he stood at the door and waited for Nian Xiaomu and Yu Yuehan.

    He was standing straight and looking at the place Tan Bengbeng had left.

    He turned back when he heard footsteps.

    There are Qi Family rules in the Qi Family, I cannot intervene in the Mo Familys internal affairs. I only want Bengbeng, name your condition!