The Rest Of My Life Is For You
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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1167

    Chapter 1167 Young Master Han

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    When they were in the air, Nian Xiaomu looked around the private jet from her seat.

    She exclaimed, Yu Yuehan, why did I not know that you are so wealthy? You never told me that you have such assets. We did not sign any prenuptial agreement right?

    Yu Yuehan looked at her obsess over the money and he loved it.

    He knew that she didnt care about these things.

    Not to mention that now she was the Mo Familys Missy. Her assets would be almost equivalent to his.

    She could really have him as her kept man now and others!

    Yu Yuehans gaze fell.

    He sneered and said sarcastically, I have no ambition of becoming a kept man, there is no need to declare my assets. What about you? You are soon going to wealthy. Are you going to have a palace of concubines?

    Yu Yuehan continued.As for the private jet, there was more than one helicopter in the air sprinkling rose petals during the first wedding. Although it was not as big as this, it wins in quantity. Oh I forgot, at that wedding, my bride run away without me!

    Nian Xiaomu was shocked beyond belief.

    Nian Xiaomu was about to lose her husband before the flight ended. She was so frightened that she unbuckled the seat belt and jumped into his arms.

    She hugged tightly around his neck.

    What first wedding? That was your only wedding! Arent we still together now? Although there was an accident, at the end of the day, I still signed the paper and took you home!

    Yu Yuehan answered coldly, Not because of love, it was to save Grandma.

    Yu Yuehan it is not right to pick an internal fight when we have an enemy to face ahead of us right now.

    After Nian Xiaomu finished her sentence, Yu Yuehan held her by the waist to hold her down.

    He lifted her chin up and looked at her in the eyes.

    Do you still want kept men?

    No, no. I cant even take care of one, I wouldnt dare to have another one. You eat so much, your temper is bad and like to bring up past feuds. I wouldnt dare to!

    Nian Xiaomu shook her head and promised.


    Before Yu Yuehan could react, Qi Yan was already laughing.

    Tan Bengbeng smacked him to stay quiet. Qi Yan held her hand and still laughed.

    The way Yu Yuehan and Nian Xiaomu interacted was too much of a surprise.

    Qi Yans eyes glinted.

    There were many people in this world who had power and authority.

    However, the more a person has, the more they lose themselves and tend not to know how to treasure things.

    One that can remain clear with all the power and remain honest and straightforward is rare.

    His Bengbeng was one.

    Looks like Nian Xiaomu was one too.

    Qi Yan remembered something and looked at the person beside him.

    Tan Bengbeng did not know that she was pregnant. Her physical conditions were always better than average. That day she jumped into the ocean and fought with the bodyguards, that was the day she almost had a miscarriage.

    In the last few days, Qi Yan had been giving her medicine and forcing her to sleep and rest. She no longer looked as sick.

    She was not uncomfortable either.

    It was just she slept very little. She was resting in the seat and in her hand was the kaleidoscope that they had retrieved from her apartment building.