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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1166

    Chapter 1166 The Queen Returns

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    Congratulations, you are correct!

    Tan Bengbeng turned and pushed away the head on her shoulder.

    If you are sleepy you can stay in the Yu Family villa, or ask the assistant to take you back.

    No, I am going wherever you go. I cant sleep without you, how it is resting? Qi Yan held up a cup beside her mouth. After speaking so much, arent you thirsty? Do you want some hot water?

    Tan Bengbeng frowned at him and wanted to remind him that they were going to do Mo Family internal affairs. All this had nothing to do with him, being involved would bring danger.

    But, she had the feeling that he wouldnt listen anyway.

    He only did what he wants.

    Unless he was willing, others words were just non-existent.

    Tan Bengbeng didnt bother to say anything.

    After they went back to their rooms to change, she was prepared to retrieve the Mo Family warrant.

    When they gathered at the door, Tan Bengbeng did not see Qi Yan. She thought that he had left, then she saw a figure float out from the kitchen.

    There were a few food packages in his hand.

    He came up to Tan Bengbeng immediately.

    He was waving the nutritional porridge and pastries in his hand as he complimented Yu Yuehan.

    The efficiency here is great, given such a short amount of time, the breakfast is still so sumptuous. If there is another chance, I will drop by and visit with Bengbeng again!

    The whole way there, Nian Xiaomu and Yu Yuehan did not talk much. Nian Xiaomu had just found out about her history with the Mo Family and she had no appetite.

    Yu Yuehan did not force her to, he let her rest in his arms and made her nap for a while.

    There was only Qi Yans voice in the car.

    The porridge is really good, it is thick and flavorsome. Do you want to try it, Bengbeng?

    If you have no appetite, you can drink some milk, the milk is warm.

    There are also pastries in the box.

    Before Qi Yan could finish his sentence, Tan Bengbeng had covered his mouth to avoid him disturbing Nian Xiaomu who was finally asleep.

    She spoke through her teeth. Do not talk!

    Qi Yan pulled her hand down and indicated that if she were to eat, he wouldnt speak.

    Tan Bengbeng had no choice but to take his porridge and start eating slowly.

    Qi Yan finally kept quiet when he saw that she had eaten half a bowl of porridge.

    He took the unfinished bowl of porridge and finished it. He also ate a few meat buns and finally hugged her satisfyingly for her to sleep in his arms.

    Tan Bengbeng looked at the empty boxes of food in front of her. Qi Yan finished her leftover porridge without second thoughts. She looked at him and suddenly, she could no longer flare up at him.

    How could he be such a jerk to her, yet treat her so nicely

    It was as if he felt Tan Bengbengs gaze and his eyes shot open.

    Their gaze met and Tan Bengbeng looked away guiltily.

    She stopped thinking about anything related to him.

    Soon, the car reached Tan Bengbengs apartment building and after they got the Mo Family warrant, they would be going to City N.

    This time, Yu Yuehan used his private aircraft and made an entrance at City Ns airport!