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    Chapter 1165 The Mo Family Warrant Which Had Disappeared For So Long

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    But, at the thought that he had the sincerity of wanting to offer incense to her parents, she brought herself to forgive him.

    Having confirmed that Yu Yuehan was not going to abandon her, Nian Xiaomu raised her head in his arms and turned to look at Tan Bengbeng.

    Mo Kun killed my father in order to replace his position as the successor. But, I heard that because he could not get the Mo Family warrant, hes only a replacement as the head of the family and not the true head of the household yet. Just now, you said that the Mo Familys elderly head who is also my grandfather, handed over the Mo Family warrant to me at the ceremony to celebrate my coming of age as an adult. But, where is the warrant now?

    As long as she could get the family warrant, Nian Xiaomu could return to the Mo Family openly and aboveboard.

    With Yu Yuehan around, it was impossible for Mo Kun to eliminate her like that without leaving a trace.

    She was once the successor chosen by the elderly head and had the family warrant which had long disappeared.

    As long as she could see her grandfather alive or meet an elder holding power in the family, she could expose the true colors of the imposter, Mo Kun!

    Its in my apartment!

    Upon mention of the family warrant, Tan Bengbengs expression turned solemn.

    The Tan family was a family of doctors on the surface, but in reality, the Tan family was a guardian family to the Mo Family. Moreover, their job was only to protect the family head or the successor of the family.

    Mo Kun had never been regarded as the successor by the elderly head, which was why he never knew about this relationship the Tan family had with the Mo Family.

    Ever since Nian Xiaomu had lost her memory, Tan Bengbeng had secretly asked around about the Mo Familys situation and knew that because Mo Kun could not get the family warrant, he was afraid that the others would not treat him as the rightful successor. He had not dared to harm the elderly head but merely kept him locked up and announced to the public that he was recuperating from an illness.

    Getting the family warrant not only concerned whether Nian Xiaomu could get back her power in the Mo Family, but was also a matter of the elderly heads life.

    Tan Bengbeng could not take such a risk at all.

    As a result, she had kept it carefully hidden.

    Your apartment? Isnt it in the Tan familys ancestral home? Nian Xiaomu asked in astonishment.

    She had almost turned Tan Bengbengs apartment inside out but had not found anything special inside at all.

    On the other hand, the Tan familys ancestral home was very secretive. Not only did it have an eerie feeling, but even the main gate had also been installed with a special mechanism that could explode.

    Without a passcode, even a locksmith would not dare to open it.

    Nian Xiaomu had always felt that with such tight security around this place, there would be something important hidden inside. For instance, the family warrant that Mo Kun desperately wanted.

    The most dangerous place is the safest place. But, put it in another way, the safest place is actually just a smokescreen. My guess is that the news that the family warrant was at the Tan familys ancestral home, is what the elderly head intentionally revealed to Mo Kun.

    The others did not know what kind of horrifying traps there were in the Tan family ancestral home, but the Mo Familys elderly head was very clear about it.

    If Mo Kun was anxious to get the family warrant and really went in recklessly, he would lose a layer of his skin even if he didnt die inside.

    But, it was a pity that Mo Kun was not only wicked, but he was also extremely crafty as well.

    He could tell that there were secret traps in the Tan familys ancestral home and had not barged in but got his men to watch over the home twenty-four hours a day.

    The house became a bait.

    If the family warrant was really at the Tan familys ancestral home, if Nian Xiaomu wanted to return to the Mo Family, she would have to return to get it. He only needed to wait for her to appear and when Nian Xiaomu retrieved the family warrant from the Tan familys ancestral home, he could kill two birds with one stone!

    Tan Bengbeng narrowed her eyes and upon thinking of Mo Kun, her expression turned even colder.

    Having gone a whole night without sleeping, its almost daybreak now. Are you guys not intending to eat breakfast and going straight to get the family warrant? Im hungry, I cant move.

    Qi Yan grabbed onto Tan Bengbeng and muttered as he leaned against her shoulder weakly.