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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1164

    Chapter 1164 We Already Have Xiao Liuliu Isnt Dashuns Arrival A Matter Of Time?

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    Tan Bengbeng had explained the past events extremely clearly, but never mentioned how she had become pregnant with Xiao Liuliu.

    Xiao Liuliu was born three years ago, and going back another eight months, the time where she got pregnant with her would have been exactly three years and eight months ago

    Why did Yu Yuehan not have any memory of this?

    Could it be that he was a jerk who had dumped her?

    Nian Xiaomu was just sinking into a depressed mood when she turned in Yu Yuehans arms and grabbed onto his necktie.

    You better think carefully, do you remember me or not?

    As a goddess who was this gorgeous, he should at least have some memory of dumping her!

    They had actually discussed such a question when they were talking about Xiao Liulius birth. She was right, given her good looks, it was impossible that he had absolutely no recollection of sleeping with her.

    Unless they had sexual relations under special circumstances

    Yu Yuehan pressed onto her head, gesturing her not to fool around, before raising his head to look at Tan Bengbeng.

    Tan Bengbeng kept silent for a long while, her eyes full of hesitation.

    She did not dare to look at Yu Yuehan and merely turned to look at Nian Xiaomu.

    It isnt appropriate for me to talk about this. Its better for you to recall it and explain to Young Master Han yourself


    This response seemed amiss!

    Shouldnt Tan Bengbeng be on her side, calling Yu Yuehan a jerk?

    Werent Tan Bengbengs words basically implying that she herself had to take responsibility for getting pregnant before marriage? Why did her tone make it seem as though Yu Yuehan was the victim

    Could it be that she was bewitched by Yu Yuehans good looks and couldnt help but seduce him?

    Then, without him being conscious, she slept with him and left just like that but accidentally got pregnant with his child?

    A chill instantly went down Nian Xiaomus spine.

    In order to live her life well, she decided not to probe into this issue now.

    What if before they could get to find the truth of Xiao Liulius conception, she was going to lose her husband?

    Now, without Yu Yuehan with her, she would definitely not dare to go back to the Mo Family.

    The look of interrogation on Nian Xiaomus face had now turned into a pitiful expression as she hugged onto his neck with both arms.

    Yu Yuehan, before we found Bengbeng, you said that you were very fortunate that Bengbeng chose to send me back to you and that you didnt mind that I unleashed my beauty on you. What about now? Do you mind that youve found a wife who could possibly bring you trouble?

    Can I refund the goods if I mind? Yu Yuehan asked as he raised his brows.

    No way! Nian Xiaomu widened her eyes and lashed out in response, thereafter realizing her attitude was not right.

    She then put on a pitiful expression and buried her head in his chest.

    If you dont care about me and let me go back to the Mo Family by myself, you wont have a wife anymore if I were to die. Xiao Liuliu wouldnt have a mother either. And Dashun! Weve agreed for me to give you a son. Xiao Liulius still waiting for a brother!

    When did he agree to their son being called Dashun?

    Was she trying to drive him mad by giving their son such a name, or was she trying to drive their future son mad?

    Nian Xiaomu responded, Dont worry about such small details. The main point is, if you want a son, you have to protect his mother properly!

    Yu Yuehan gazed at her eyes which had become red and swollen from crying, as well as the rosy nose of hers. His slender fingers caressed her face, where she flashed a forceful smile.

    His lips parted as he muttered, Nian Xiaomu, dont put on a smile when youre upset. In the future, Ill be by your side. When Mo Kun is apprehended by the law, Ill accompany you to offer incense to your parents and let them see the precious son-in-law you found whos so hard to come by.

    The first half of his words were rather touching, but the latter part just made her want to give him a beating.