The Rest Of My Life Is For You
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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1163

    Chapter 1163 Xiao Liuliu One Who Had Emerged From A Rock

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    She was drinking milk in Nian Xiaomus embrace, but she was not obedient at all. She grabbed onto her hair at one point and proceeded to tug at the buttons of her shirt during the next.

    When she noticed that Nian Xiaomu was looking at her, her tiny lips detached away from the milk bottle and she cooed with a childish voice.


    Nian Xiaomu felt a twinge in her heart when she heard that simple word.

    She could not bear to let go of her.

    However, Xiao Liuliu would only lead a homeless and miserable life if she took her along with her.

    She still had not avenged her parents. If she could not return to the Mo Family and set things straight, Xiao Liuliu would be in danger sooner or later as well.

    She could at least lead a safe and peaceful life if she was raised by Yu Yuehan.

    Nian Xiaomu held back her tears and tightly hugged the soft, squishy figure in her embrace. Mummy would definitely take you home if I could survive the ordeal and return safely!

    Knowing that she had already made her decision, Tan Bengbeng did not say anything and simply took out the things that she had prepared earlier.

    I have already prepared the DNA test report that belongs to Xiao Liuliu and Young Master Han.

    Pass it to me.

    Even though Nian Xiaomu had just recovered from her injuries, she still insisted on sending Xiao Liuliu to Yu Yuehan.

    Before they could get emotional over the parting, they received news of the seriousness of the elderly head of the Mo Familys illness. It was the day when they sent Xiao Liuliu away.

    They rushed back to City N.

    In the beginning, she had planned to take advantage of the elderly heads grave medical condition and reveal Mo Kuns true colors when the elders of the Mo Family were all present. However, she only discovered that none of the Mo Family members were present when she reached the hospital.

    Mo Kun had intentionally set this up because he had suspected that Nian Xiaomu was not dead yet.

    The hospital was filled with Mo Kuns men

    Compared to escaping from the fire a year ago, the getaway that night was far more treacherous.

    Tan Bengbeng managed to protect Nian Xiaomu and escape from their pursuers in the end, but both of them were severely injured.

    Tan Bengbeng had a great physique and she could easily recover from her injuries. However, Nian Xiaomus health was seriously damaged during the past year, with her body experiencing impact after impact.

    She could no longer remember anything when she regained consciousness.

    Just like a newborn

    From that moment onward, Tan Bengbeng knew that any revenge taking or power retrieving would definitely be futile if they were to simply rely on both of their efforts.

    They would be discovered the moment they appeared in City N even before they could contact anyone.

    Apart from protecting Nian Xiaomu, who had lost her memories, she would need to think of ways to help her return to the Mo Family too

    Yu Yuehan was her only choice!

    As such, after Nian Xiaomu recovered from her injuries, Tan Bengbeng was no longer in a hurry to send her back to the Mo Family; instead, she concealed Nian Xiaomus identity and hid her away from the public.

    Tan Bengbeng waited for exactly two years as she was afraid that Xiao Liuliu would recognize Nian Xiaomu.

    Firstly, she waited for Nian Xiaomu to recover from her injuries, then waited for the right time for both mother and daughter to reunite before sending her to the Yu Family villa.

    She managed to become Xiao Liulius nurse

    I am sorry, I should have told you everything earlier.

    As Tan Bengbeng stared at Nian Xiaomu, who had already bawled her eyes out, she reached out guiltily and gave her a tight hug.

    The past three years had been insane and overwhelming.

    Other than experiencing a broken home, she had also been separated from her daughter

    Even though Yu Yuehan and Qi Yan were merely listening to the story, they were frowning hard; let alone Nian Xiaomu, the one who had experienced all of it.

    Just as Tan Bengbeng released her grip on Nian Xiaomu, Yu Yuehan reached out immediately and pulled her into his embrace.

    Its all over now.

    Nian Xiaomu bit her lip and fought back her tears. A long while later, she finally managed to get over her parents death and raised her head to look at Tan Bengbeng.

    Theres something which I dont understand. Its normal for me to not remember Yu Yuehan since I have amnesia, but why did Yu Yuehan not remember me either? In this case, how did Xiao Liuliu come about?