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    Chapter 1162 Send Her Over Personally

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    Nian Xiaomu gritted her teeth and strenuously flipped her body out of the balcony.

    She grabbed the water pipeline and started to crawl down.

    The few burning sections of the water pipelines, as well as her bulging tummy, made it hard for her to maneuver around.

    There were a few times when Nian Xiaomu nearly lost her grip and slid down, but in the end, she managed to hold up.

    Both her arms and body had very serious burns when Tan Bengbeng finally caught her.

    She started to bleed at her lower body and it seemed as though she was about to give birth.

    Tan Bengbeng held onto her and they both made a dash towards the secret door.

    They left the Mo Family villa before their pursuers caught up with them.

    The first thing that Tan Bengbeng did was to contact the subordinates of the elderly head of the Mo Family, but she could not reach them at all.

    Something grave had happened at the Mo Family villa, and with the high level of defense that the Mo Family had, it was impossible that no one had received any news after so long.

    At that moment, Tan Bengbeng had a bad feeling that the elder head of the household might not be having a good time either.

    Nian Xiaomu was the heir that the elderly head of the household had personally appointed; if power really landed in the hands of Mo Kun and he could not find her corpse, he would definitely not take it lying down.

    They could no longer remain in City N.

    Since they were not clear what was going on yet, all that Tan Bengbeng could do was take Nian Xiaomu away and hide in a safe spot.

    They rushed to City H through the night, Nian Xiaomu bled profusely and had premature labor. Thereafter, she sank into a coma for a very long time.

    However, her body did not recover quickly when she regained consciousness and she remained bedridden.

    A tiny ball of cuteness, wrapped in swaddling clothes, lay beside Nian Xiaomu; as she sucked onto her tiny fingers, she stared at Nian Xiaomu with her huge, sparkling eyes.

    Her tiny mouth curled into a wide smile the moment she saw Nian Xiaomuit was as if she knew that she was her mother.

    This was her daughter.

    The granddaughter that her parents had been looking forward to meeting.

    However, they died before they had a chance to see her

    Liuliu, she will be named Xiao Liuliu.

    As Nian Xiaomu lay on the hospital bed, she took a look at the tiny baby and spoke. Just a second ago, she was smiling at her while sucking her fingers, but the next second, she fell asleep the moment she closed her eyes.

    Her parents would definitely be elated to see her daughter if they were still alive.

    Xiao Liuliu, the Xiao Liuliu that her grandparents had been looking forward to meeting

    Nian Xiaomu was seriously injured and she took a year to recuperate. During that year, she continued to ask Tan Bengbeng to get hold of information from City N.

    When Nian Xiaomu knew that the head of the Mo Family was suddenly seriously ill, the Young Mistress had passed away, and that Mo Qian had taken over the organization, she wanted so badly to return to City N and tear to pieces the person who had ruined her family, as well as impersonated her father.

    However, the entire Mo Family had already landed in Mo Kuns hands; if she simply returned now, she might be killed by Mo Kun even before she could contact the other elders of the Mo Family.

    She could only grit her teeth and endure it despite the hatred and unwillingness to do so.

    Furthermore, she was not alone now. She had got a daughter with her

    The tiny ball of cuteness who had just learned how to walk and talk was exceptionally adorable.

    That tiny, delicate face of hers did not resemble Nian Xiaomu and instead resembled Yu Yuehan greatly

    Nian Xiaomus gaze dimmed and she glanced toward Tan Bengbeng. Have you taught Xiao Liuliu everything?

    Tan Bengbeng waved the photograph in her hand and replied respectfully, Yes, Xiao Liuliu is very smart; she might not know much about other things, but she learned how to say the word daddy really quickly. She is also great at recognizing faces as well; right now, as long as she sees Young Master Hans photo, she will keep calling out daddy.

    After a few seconds of silence, she could not help it and asked, Are we really doing this?

    Nian Xiaomu did not answer Tan Bengbengs question.

    Xiao Liuliu was drinking from her milk bottle. As Nian Xiaomu got off the bed, she reached out and picked her up.

    A one-year-old infant was curious about anything and everything during this period of growth.