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    Chapter 1159 Pass A Fake Off As The Real Deal

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    Mo Kun had never appeared in public since he had been ousted from the Mo Family, until a few years ago when he was discovered by someone at the roadside; he was living in poverty and seemed to be having a tough life. As President Mo only had one younger brother, his heart softened and he took him in; he helped him to arrange a shelter over his head, and even discreetly assigned him the job of managing the Mo Corporations subsidiary companies without the head of the household knowing. However, no one knew that this would be the start of trouble

    Tan Bengbengs voice sounded overcast.

    Her expression turned a little ugly as well.

    Just as Tan Bengbeng was about to say something, Qi Yan had passed her a cup of water and told her to drink it before continuing to speak.

    When it came to matters that concerned the Mo Family, Qi Yan was an outsider.

    He did not care about other things, he was only concerned about Tan Bengbengs fluctuating emotions.

    He would think of ways to stop her from speaking the moment he noticed that she became emotional and try to persuade her to continue after she had calmed down.

    With raised eyebrows, Qi Yan stared at the frowning Tan Bengbeng and said shamelessly, Dont glare at me, I know that you are in a hurry, but taking one minute to drink your water will not really affect your time. No one will stop you from speaking after you have drunk the water.

    As Tan Bengbeng was not able to argue with him on this matter, she lowered her head and gulped down the warm water in the cup.

    She continued to speak.

    After Mo Kun entered the company, he made use of the companys finances and committed many bad things. In the beginning, President Mo assumed that those were merely unintentional acts and decided to tolerate him, with hopes that he could turn over a new leaf. However, not only did Mo Kun not change for the better, he even had contact with unknown funds from outside the border; he wanted to get the capital from outside the borders and expand the scale of the Mo Corporation

    The operation philosophy of both brothers was very different.

    The precepts of the Mo Family had clearly indicated that the Mo Corporation should see the promotion of the brilliant Chinese culture as their top priority, and this was the reason the subsidiaries under the corporation were all culturally rich.

    However, Mo Kun was instead inclined toward the high returns of the international market; all along, he had let it be known that he would definitely bring the Mo Family to a greater height of development if he was in charge of the Mo Corporation.

    After a few quarrels, the relationship between the two brothers reverted back to its original hostility.

    As Mo Qian could not bear to see his only younger brother take up a wrong path, he promised him that he would share half the management rights of the organization with him for half a year and allow him to try things out during this period.

    In the case that Mo Kun did not succeed in his endeavors, he would then have to promise to stay honest and listen to him.

    Even if Mo Qian shared half of the organizations management rights with Mo Kun, he was capable enough to be able to clear up his younger brothers mess if he ever screwed things up.

    However, it had never crossed his mind that Mo Kun never wanted the Mo Corporation; instead, he had wanted to take his life

    As well as his position as the heir of the Mo Family

    During the half-year, Mo Kun would enter Mo Qians office almost every day. He did not head over for work, but to study and impersonate his older brother.

    Until he could pass off as the real deal

    Gradually, other than Nian Nianyu and Nian Xiaomu who would recognize Mo Qian at first glance, almost no one else could differentiate between the two of them.

    Tan Bengbeng very clearly remembered the fateful night when the accident happened.

    On that day, she had just returned to the Mo Family villa with Nian Xiaomu after her pregnancy checkup. However, they heard loud quarreling sounds in the villa.

    The voices came from the study.

    Mo Qian did not have any sons and only had Nian Xiaomu as his only daughter.

    Nian Xiaomu was gifted in the field of business and had proved to be even more capable than her father since a young age.

    She started to take over the management of the Mo Corporation after she ended her gated education overseas.

    At that time, the elderly head of the Mo Family had already known that Mo Qians character was too gentle; even though he had the outstanding ability, his continuous tolerance toward others made it difficult for him to control people who were born evil. As such, he was not suitable to be the head of the Mo Corporation at all.