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    Chapter 1158 The Dust Filled Past 2

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    However, Mo Qians indulgence failed to let Mo Kun feel the love his brother had for him. Instead, his evil-doings were further intensified

    The internal discord between brothers finally happened.

    Mo Kun had tended to snatch away the things that President Mo loved ever since he was young. However, President Mo had got a good temper and he always gave in to him, until he got to know Young Mistress Tan Bengbengs memory gradually rang beside everyones ears.

    She seemed to have unveiled a scene from the past right before everyones eyes.

    It was perhaps an ill-fated relationship between them both.

    That very year, Mo Qian, by chance, saved the Nian Nianyu, the Elder Miss of the Nian Family, from being bullied by the local gangsters.

    To show her appreciation, Nian Nianyu took the initiative to treat him to a meal and even booked the restaurant in advance.

    However, she happened to meet Mo Kun when she was on her way to the meal the next day.

    Mo Kun fell in love with her beauty at first sight. Even though he knew very clearly that she had gotten the wrong person, he did not tell her about it. Instead, he continued to take on Mo Qians identity and started to chase her intensely

    This continued until Mo Qian accidentally met Nian Nianyu at the Mo Family residence; she was there to return the gift that Mo Qian had given her, as well as to reject his love

    Even though the two brothers looked exactly the same, Nian Nianyu still managed to recognize the person who had saved her that fateful day at first glance.

    After things were clarified, Nian Nianyu and Mo Qian fell in love with each other very quickly and they decided to get married.

    However, Mo Kun had set his mind on thinking that he was the one who had feelings for Nian Nianyu first; if Mo Qian had not robbed him of Nian Nianyu, he would definitely have been the person whom she would fall in love with!

    And so, this further spurred Mo Kun on to do his might and oppose Mo Qian in the company.

    To the extent that he even attempted to barge into the wedding lounge on the day of the ceremony and dishonor his sister-in-law

    Mo Qians tolerance had finally reached its peak.

    Furthermore, as this incident happened during the wedding dinner, the elderly head of the Mo Family had already been alerted even before Mo Qian could hide the news.

    The tolerance and shielding that Mo Qian had done for Mo Kun during the past few years were all exposed at that very instant

    When the elderly head of the Mo Family knew that Mo Kun had actually committed so many evil deeds over the years, he ousted him from the Mo Family right in front of all the other members of the family.

    He forbade anyone from mentioning the second Young Master of the Mo Family.

    Mo Kun vanished without a trace the moment he left the house.

    Even though Mo Qian was furious, he had not set his mind on destroying him; there were a few times when he sent his men to find news about him, but his whereabouts still remained unknown.

    Mo Kun seemed to have entirely disappeared from the face of the earth.

    Life went on peacefully.

    After Mo Qian entered the organization to help the elderly head of the household with the business, the Young Mistress of the Mo Family got pregnant. It was a pity, however, as the Young Mistress was a very kind-hearted person and she had always berated herself for the feud between the two brothers of the Mo Family.

    She remained depressed after she got pregnant, and that resulted in intrauterine fetal death.

    None of the few children that came after survived either.

    The doctors said that it was a habitual abortion.

    However, the elders in the Mo Family claimed that it was a curse instead; the direct descendants of the Mo Family had never produced twins, and that the birth of a pair of twins definitely meant trouble.

    Afterward, it was said that Nian Nianyus fifth child was finally born after Mo Qian thoroughly investigated the people who served his wife.

    Unfortunately, the child still died early.

    Until Nian Xiaomu was born

    Apart from Mo Kun, many other members of the Mo Family were vying for the position of the head of the household. President Mo must have discovered something, hence he told the elderly head of the household to send you out of the Mo Family to be raised. Tan Bengbeng spoke.

    Nian Xiaomu was sent out of the Mo Family when she was still a newborn.

    She was only brought home when she turned 13 years old.

    Afterward, she was sent abroad to undergo a gated private education, and that was where she got to know Shangxin.

    It all continued until an unforeseen event happened to the Mo Family three years ago