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    Chapter 1157 The Dust Filled Past 1

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    You had forgotten about everything when you met with your accident at that time. The thought of telling you about your past did cross my mind, but whatever had happened to the Mo Family was too grave and bizarre. I didnt know if you would believe me, and I was also afraid that you would lose your cool

    Mo Xin.

    Nian Xiaomu did not have any recollection of this name.

    She only wanted to know what exactly had happened to the Mo Family three years ago.

    Was her mother really dead?

    Why did her father suddenly hate her so much and had even tried everything to kill her?

    Furthermore, how had she suffered serious injuries from the fire that had always been present in her memories? How did Tan Bengbeng save her and escape the Mo Family

    There were too many doubts that Nian Xiaomu could not figure out.

    She would have a splitting headache as long as she tried to recall her memories.

    A voice seemed to be subconsciously protesting in her mind, willing her to not recall the things that happened during that period of time.

    In addition, Tan Bengbeng had her lips sealed and seemed unwilling to mention the past. All of this made her heart sink.

    Was it that I had something to do with my mothers death? And that was why Mo Qian did not want to acknowledge me as his daughter, with thoughts of killing me too

    The person that you have seen is not your father, he is a monster! If not for him, President Mo and Young Mistress would not have died!

    Tan Bengbeng interrupted her and howled out loud uncontrollably.

    She seemed to have realized that she had said something wrong, as her gaze darkened and she looked toward Nian Xiaomu hurriedly.

    Nian Xiaomu had already slumped onto the sofa.

    She was still feeling puzzled, as she could not figure out why did her father hated her so much all of a sudden. The next second, upon hearing what Tan Bengbeng said, her eyes turned red in an instant.

    Dumbfounded, she stared at Tan Bengbeng and spoke in a trembling voice.

    What did you say just now? President Mo and Young Mistress What you meant was, both my parents are are

    Nian Xiaomu could not utter the word dead even after a long time.

    She had finally convinced herself and accepted the fact that her mother had already passed away.

    Before she had the time to figure out what was happening, she heard that not only her mother but her father was dead as well.

    She bit her lip and willed herself not to cry.

    With red-rimmed eyes, she stared at Tan Bengbeng and spoke with a pause after every word.

    What exactly happened? If my dad was dead, then who is the current Mo Qian?

    He is Mo Kun, President Mos younger twin brother. He is a devil with ill intentions who was ousted out of the Mo Family!

    Tan Bengbeng thought of something and her calm face turned furious with anger.

    The elderly head of the Mo Family had two sons, and they were twins.

    He named them Qian and Kun, which meant heaven and earth respectively.

    Mo Qian was the elder brother while Mo Kun is the younger one.

    The twins were born less than a minute apart, but yet their destinies were vastly different.

    Mo Qian was the eldest son of the Mo Family from the very moment he was born; other than having a healthy body, he also had outstanding intelligence.

    On the other hand, Mo Kun did not have such luck. Due to the insufficient nutrients that he had received when he was still a fetus in his mothers tummy, he had been sickly ever since he was young and was sent abroad to recuperate. As time went by, almost no one remembered that there was a second Young Master in the Mo Family.

    The gifted genes of the direct descendants of the Mo Family seemed to have been passed on to Mo Qian only.

    Mo Kun could never hold a candle to his elder brother in terms of his abilities in the business field.

    They looked exactly the same, but Mo Qian naturally became the heir of the Mo Family just because he was born a minute earlier.

    Even though Mo Kun seemed to be fine on the outside, he had always felt indignant on the inside. As such, he had even tried to compete against Mo Qian when he was recuperating abroad.

    Since Mo Qian only had one younger brother, he had always been very patient and accommodating to Mo Kun; he only assumed that this younger brother of his merely wanted to stand up for himself and prove others wrong, and hence he did not take his provocations to heart.