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    Chapter 1156 Nian Xiaomu Isnt Nian Xiaomu

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    No matter where she went, it would never be safer than where her childs father was. Since City H was the Yu Familys territory, Yu Yuehan might still take into account the baby in Nian Xiaomus tummy and reach out to save them if they really met with some misfortune

    Everyone knew what happened after that.

    Tan Bengbeng had disguised herself very well; no one could tell that she was Nian Xiaomus secret guard, and everyone had assumed that they had a doctor and patient relationship.

    Nian Xiaomu was suffering from amnesia then and she had recommended her a job at the Yu Family villa out of kindness. Nian Xiaomu had managed to successfully get close to Yu Yuehan as well as her biological daughter

    The only thing that Tan Bengbeng had never expected was how quickly Yu Yuehan fell in love with Nian Xiaomu.

    He did not care about her mysterious family background and suddenly wanted to get engaged to her!

    As she watched Nian Xiaomu lead a blissful life, the thought of helping her regain her memories and return to the Mo Family had also crossed her mind.

    Nian Xiaomu had forgotten about everything, and all the painful experiences had disappeared from her mind. If she could not recall her memories in this lifetime, this current life of hers would undoubtedly be the most blissful and happy one

    Power and wealth were of utmost importance to others.

    However, Tan Bengbeng knew that Nian Xiaomu was not such a person.

    She would be equally contented if she could accompany her loved ones forever and lead a simple, yet happy, life.

    Just as Tan Bengbeng struggled to make a decision, the second thing that she had never expected happened.

    She had never once expected that Fan Yu would become so obsessed over a short period of childhood love.

    He had been searching for Nian Xiaomu for the past 10 years.

    When Tan Bengbeng met him again in City H, she was so guilt-stricken that she nearly gave the game away, as she was worried that Fan Yu would either see through her identity or recognize Nian Xiaomu.

    The members of the Mo Family would definitely be alerted if the Xing Family were implicated in any way. As such, for Nian Xiaomus safety, she could only repeatedly remind her to interact less often with Fan Yu.

    However, Fan Yu was very persistent.

    Tan Bengbengs reminders could not stop his desire to scout out Nian Xiaomus identity.

    The only thing that assured Tan Bengbeng was the steady relationship between Yu Yuehan and Nian Xiaomu. The date of their engagement was decided shortly after.

    As long as Nian Xiaomu became the Young Mistress of the Yu Family, Yu Yuehan would be able to protect her and ensure her safety, regardless of what might happen.

    However, reality has proved that Tan Bengbengs worries were not for naught.

    Xing Lis appearance, as well as news reports of the Xing Family, soon attracted the attention of the Mo Family.

    With this information, they investigated City H.

    Tan Bengbeng knew that the secret was about to be out when Cardi, the old butler who had been helping the Xing Family financially, was implicated.

    The reason she had left the city, with the excuse of attending an academic conference over the previous few years, was also to avoid Nian Xiaomu, so that she could return to City N to get more information about the Mo Family.

    When she realized that the members of the Mo Family already had their eyes on Nian Xiaomu, she wanted to head back immediately to tell her about it. However, she accidentally exposed her whereabouts in her hurry to do so.

    Afraid that they would discover Nian Xiaomu, she did not return to City H directly and, instead, took a long way round by heading overseas first before going back to the country.

    It had never crossed her mind that she would be stalked in the end

    Afterward, she was hunted down and numerous insane runs for her life ensued; this continued all the way till she jumped into the sea and was discovered by Qi Yan

    The Xing Family met with an accident after you left them. Both President Mo and Young Mistress were affectionate people; after the Xing couple passed away, they took into account the past relationship between the two families and arranged for someone to look after the Xing Family. This continued until three years ago when something happened to the Mo Family.

    Tan Bengbeng gradually filled Nian Xiaomu in on every past detail that she knew of.

    She lifted her head and looked at Nian Xiaomu.

    Xiao Mumu, your name is not Nian Xiaomu, the surname Nian belongs to the Young Mistress. Your name is Mo Xin, and your nickname is Xiao Liuliu.