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    Chapter 1155 During The Year You Were 13

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    Tan Bengbeng was Nian Xiaomus secret guard, and she had been following Nian Xiaomu around ever since she was young.

    Apart from Nian Xiaomu herself, she was the person who had the clearest idea of whatever happened during that period of time!

    Even though the Mo Family were a low-key family who usually stood aloof from worldly affairs, the situation was not as calm and peaceful in private.

    The gifts that the direct descendants held made many of the other descendants terribly jealous. Apart from this, many of the members were fighting to be the head of the household, for that position signified extreme power and wealth

    The Mo Family simply announced to the public that the many direct descendants who died at an early age passed away due to illnesses. However, after Tan Bengbeng started to look into this matter discreetly, she realized that there seemed to be something strange about the deaths of those children.

    However, many people would definitely be implicated if she were to thoroughly investigate this matter.

    The Young Mistress of the Mo Family was a kind-hearted person, and she had always thought that it was because of her weak body that her children could not survive through to adulthood.

    As a person who loved his wife dearly, Mo Qian was afraid that she could not take it if she knew that all of her children had died an unnatural death. As such, he could only restrain his emotions by sending Nian Xiaomu out of the Mo Family shortly after she was born.

    The Xing Family was also one of the Mo Familys guardian families, but the declining family rarely caught the attention of the public.

    This was exactly the reason the previous head of the Mo Family had promised to place his granddaughter, that was borne to his first son, in the care of the declining Xing Family. They were on the verge of getting completely forgotten by the public.

    No one would have thought that the honorable heir of the Mo Family would be the second Miss of the Xing Family who rarely showed up in public.

    Even though Nian Xiaomu was placed in the care of the Xing Family, the Mo Family was the one who decided the use of her necessities, and all of them were of the best quality.

    She had been a goofy and smart girl ever since she was young; she also had gorgeous looks, as she resembled both her parents, along with her sweet talking skills

    Gradually, Mo Qian, who had always been a slave to his wife, turned into a slave to his daughter.

    In the beginning, he could still control himself and only visited her once a month. However, as time passed, he could no longer endure it and would head over to visit her almost once every week.

    Even though Nian Xiaomu was placed under the care of the Xing Family, she knew very clearly, from a young age, that both her parents loved her dearly; they would visit her often and buy lots of things for her, hence she had never felt like she was abandoned.

    Since young, she had been very independent as she did not have her parents by her side.

    She was very clear of the responsibilities that she had to shoulder, as well as what she wanted to achieve.

    She could always finish all the homework, that the elderly head of the Mo Family assigned, very quickly. Then, she would carry her easel to the backyard to do her drawings.

    That was where she met Fan Yu.

    It had never crossed Tan Bengbengs mind that she would take such a great fancy to Fan Yu; not only did she meet him in secret, she would also crawl out of the fences and walls just to play with him.

    Since she was Nian Xiaomus secret guard, she had to follow wherever Nian Xiaomu went.

    However, Fan Yu was different from children his age; he was very smart, and at the same time, he was very vigilant as well. There were a few times when he nearly discovered Tan Bengbeng; from then on, she no longer dared to enter the Fan Family villa and could only stand outside the tiny door of the backyard to secretly protect Nian Xiaomu.

    Until the very year when Nian Xiaomu turned 13

    Nian Xiaomu was officially taken home to the Mo Family on the second day the entire Fan Family migrated overseas so that she could learn the ropes of a proper heir.

    From that moment onward, she was no longer Xing Xingshe was the most honorable heir of the Mo Family.

    She no longer had anything to do with the Xing Family as either!

    Afterward, during the period when Nian Xiaomu was sent abroad for private education until something happened to the Mo Family

    Tan Bengbeng had been with Nian Xiaomu all this time, the one who had fled with her to City H. Apart from being familiar with this city, she was very familiar with the situation in the Mo Family, just as Yu Yuehan had previously speculated.

    As such, Nian Xiaomu would definitely be in danger if others discovered that she was still alive.

    Furthermore, Nian Xiaomu was pregnant and was about to go into labor at any time.