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    Chapter 1154 The Secret Of The Mo Family

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    Qi Yan was not completely clueless about the matters of the Mo Family. Aware that she could not avoid him, Tan Bengbeng sat Nian Xiaomu down and pursed her lips nervously.

    Xiao Mumu, I know the things that I am about to tell you might seem absurd, but please trust that everything that I will be saying is the truth!

    Nian Xiaomu was stunned by Tan Bengbengs serious tone.

    Reaching out, she rubbed her eyes to freshen herself up.

    Thereafter, she seemed to have thought of something as she grabbed onto Tan Bengbengs hand and said, Bengbeng, I recalled many things after you went missing. I remember that you used to follow me around when I was young, you are my

    Before Nian Xiaomu finished her sentence, she turned around vigilantly and cast a glance at Qi Yan, who was standing behind Tan Bengbeng.

    She wasnt planning to say all of this with Qi Yan around.

    Your secret guard. Qi Yan added slowly and helped Nian Xiaomu to finish her sentence.

    Nian Xiaomu was taken aback when she heard what he had said. Shocked, she turned around and looked at Tan Bengbeng.

    Tan Bengbeng bit her lip and said, I did not tell him anything, he guessed it on his own. Not only did he know my identity, but he also knew many matters that concerned the Mo Family

    Nian Xiaomu heaved a sigh of relief when she heard what Tan Bengbeng had said.

    She did not try to keep away from Qi Yan and simply filled Tan Bengbeng in on everything that had happened during the period that she was away.

    She also mentioned that she had recalled Tan Bengbengs identity.

    And that she even remembered she was related to the Mo Family, as well as how they headed over to City N together to meet Mo Qian.

    Nian Xiaomu repeated everything Including her wedding, and how Mo Qian had made use of Tan Bengbengs whereabouts to threaten and spoil the wedding.

    She could not remember many things.

    Despite so, she could remember things that concerned Mo Qian very clearly.

    In her memories, Mo Qian was a caring father who had a loving relationship with her mother.

    However, the Mo Qian that she had faced that day, seemed like a stranger and devil to her

    On the topic of her mother, they had all claimed that the Young Mistress of the Mo Family was dead, but yet no one knew how she died

    Nian Xiaomu came back to her senses slowly. As she fixed her gaze on Tan Bengbeng, she asked, with a pause after every word, Bengbeng, am I really the Elder Miss of the Mo Family?

    Tan Bengbeng narrowed her face and replied solemnly, Yes!

    Nian Xiaomus body trembled. Before she could ask any questions, Tan Bengbeng had already spoken up.

    The direct descendants of the Mo Family had always been born with special gifts, so you were different from the other children from the very moment you were born. You have a pair of animated eyes that seemed to have a life of its own, but apart from having gorgeous looks, you could also remember anything after just one look. Just like a tiny adult, you had an overbearing aura when you were just a baby. Everyone said that you would definitely be the Mo Familys most outstanding heir when you grew up

    Tan Bengbeng paused and her eyes became dark.

    However, there seemed to be a curse, as it was especially hard to raise the direct descendants of the Mo Family to adults. The Young Mistress had five children before you were born, and all of them either died from a miscarriage or shortly after birth. You are the sixth child, so your nickname was Liuliu. After you were born, the head of the household was both elated yet worried; he was afraid that you would die at an early age if you stayed in the Mo Family, just like the other direct descendants of the family had. As such, you were secretly sent out of the Mo Family while you were still a baby to be raised by the Xing Family. Your identity was also announced to the public as the second Miss of the Xing Family, Xing Xing.

    This was the reason why Nian Xiaomu remembered the Xing Family.

    Tan Bengbengs eyes flickered and she glanced toward Nian Xiaomu. Even though you were not raised in the Mo Family, you are still the honorable Elder Miss, as well as the only heir of the Mo Family!