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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1153

    Chapter 1153 The Sick One Eats The Medicine

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    Qi Yan asked in a very direct manner.

    He knew that he had made the right guess when he saw Tan Bengbengs increasingly ugly expression.

    How did you know that the Tan family and the Mo Family

    Tan Bengbengs throat felt a little tight and she did not even know how to ask one simple sentence.

    Qi Yan cast a glance at her and replied indifferently.

    There are some ties between the Qi Family and the Mo Family. Even though I did not probe too much into this, but I definitely know more about the Mo Family that others do. I knew from the start that your surname is Tan, but I was not bothered about it. I only started to get suspicious the very day I discovered that people from the Mo Family were keeping watch on my cruise ship at the jetty, but yet they did not contact me, even after a period of waiting

    It had never crossed Qi Yans mind that he would have discovered the relationship between the Tan family and the Mo Family when he had only instructed his men to find out about Tan Bengbengs identity.

    And from there on, successfully guess both of their real identities based on how anxious she was toward Nian Xiaomu.

    He finally knew how it felt for his own woman to be concerned about another woman instead of putting him as her top priority.

    Furthermore, he could not rebuke Tan Bengbeng since it was supposedly her familys mission.

    He couldnt scold her ancestors for this, right?

    The people from the Mo Family have already chased us all the way to City H Tan Bengbengs expression instantly became anxious.

    When she had seen the people outside earlier on, she had already speculated that they had been sent by the Mo Family.

    And now, her speculations were further confirmed after she heard what Qi Yan had said.

    What exactly happened to the Mo Family that year? Qi Yan asked coldly all of a sudden.

    Tan Bengbeng bit her lip and remained silent.

    She seemed to be apprehensive about telling him about it.

    Before she made a decision, the two of them, who stayed put in the same position, caught the attention of the patrolling guards.

    They were led to the living room of the villa.

    The Yu Family villa.

    The villa was brightly lit in the dark night.

    Every corner of the house shone so brightly as if it were daytime.

    Clad in a sleeping robe, Yu Yuehan wrapped his arms around the waist of the sleepy Nian Xiaomu and walked down the stairs. The situation in the living room was as follows:

    Qi Yan demanded, Open your mouth and take the medicine, just have one pill!

    Tan Bengbeng protested, Why must I have the medicine since I am not sick? I am not taking it!

    Qi Yan replied, If you are not sick, why did you climb over the wall in the middle of the night instead of sleeping? Do you know that you are already You are not sick physically, but you are mentally unwell! Foolishly loyal! Quickly, take your medicine!

    With a gloomy expression, Tan Bengbeng pushed his hands away and said, You are the one who is mentally ill, you can have it instead.

    The King of Hells precious medicine, that was sought after by many, was shoved back and forth and treated as rubbish.

    It nearly ended up on the ground a few times.

    The people in the Yu Family villa were on tenterhooks when they saw this scene, and they all had the urge to dive forward to rescue the medicine.

    As the sleepy Nian Xiaomu leaned against Yu Yuehans chest, she opened her eyes groggily. When she saw them both shoving and pushing each other, she blinked her eyes in astonishment.

    She couldnt help it and asked,

    Why are you both playing the game of The Sick One Eats The Medicine in the middle of the night instead of sleeping, to the extent that you have caught the attention of the bodyguards in the entire villa?

    Even though they were reluctant to admit it, this was the truth.

    Just as Tan Bengbeng opened her mouth and was about to answer Nian Xiaomus questions, Qi Yan raised his hand and with great aiming skills, popped the pill directly into her mouth.

    Tan Bengbeng had already subconsciously swallowed the pill when she realized and wanted to spit it out.

    Pleased with his successful attempt, the man stood by the side with raised eyebrows in a bid to announce his victory.

    You should be obedient and listen to me right from the start.


    Everyone became wide awake in that instant.