The Rest Of My Life Is For You
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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1152

    Chapter 1152 Truth

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    Qi Yan glanced at her and saw the shock in her eyes.

    He sneered.

    I am one of the top people in the pharmacy world if I couldnt tell what it was my name, as the King of Medicine, would be ruined in your hands.

    He could smell the drug before he even tasted it.

    She was probably the only person who dared to drug his meal.

    So native.

    He thought she didnt believe his words and was afraid that he would do something to her. So, she wanted to drug him to have a peaceful sleep, thats why he cooperated with her.

    Who knew that she wouldnt rest after drugging him. Instead, she came out to climb balconies and flip walls

    Now, she was trying to jump off such a high wall!

    Did she think that his heart was too strong? Must she scare him till he got a heart attack?

    Even if she wasnt having miscarriage symptoms, was it suitable for a pregnant lady to be jumping around like that?

    Qi Yan was worried sick. He wanted to tie her to the bed so she would rest peacefully.

    However, she came back to her senses and jumped out of his arms. She leaned on the wall and frowned.

    Since you are fine, why are you tailing me?

    Tan Bengbeng, do you have a conscious? I trusted you but what did you put in my dumpling? I even rushed to catch you, however, you dont have any apologies or concerns. All you do is question me my heart just shattered. Do you want to see?

    Qi Yan held his hand up and looked really pathetic.

    I apologized before I left and you tailed me. Qi Yan, I have to make some things clear, you can probably guess that I am Xiao Mumus

    I dont care, I only know that you are my woman! Qi Yan stopped her in her sentence and did not let her tell him the truth.

    His face fell when he could tell that Tan Bengbeng wanted to distance herself from him.

    He walked up and held her shoulder.

    Previously you only had Nian Xiaomu in your life. Now, you will have me too and you need to get used to that.

    Soon, they would even have a child.

    She couldnt live for someone else forever. It was time she had her own life.

    What are you talking about? Our deal ended long ago!

    Tan Bengbeng was shocked by his words and she pushed his arms away. She looked at him.

    You dont know anything, descendants of the Tan family have their missions from birth

    The Tan family is one of the guardian families of the Mo Family and you are the Mo Family Missys secret guard. You have been ordered to guard her and never leave since you were born. Qi Yan continued slowly.

    He continued in Tan Bengbengs shock.

    Three years ago something happened in the Mo Family and you brought the badly injured Missy to City H. You stayed by her side to protect her and were planning to get back to the Mo Family.

    Tan Bengbeng opened her mouth but couldnt speak a word.

    Qi Yan continued.

    Nian Xiaomu is the genius Missy in the Mo Family that disappeared three years ago right? You helped her become the Young Mistress of the Yu Family right?