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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1151

    Chapter 1151 Who Is It?

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    It was late at night.

    It was silent outside and there were only insect sounds in the yard.

    Even the butler was asleep.

    Tan Bengbeng stood outside in the yard and looked at the second story.

    It was her first time at the Yu Family villa, but Nian Xiaomu had mentioned the layout more than once, including the position of the master bedroom.

    Although at that point in time, Nian Xiaomu was complaining that she would always be caught by Yu Yuehan no matter where she hid. Nian Xiaomu didnt mean much when she was saying it, but Tan Bengbeng noted it mentally.

    Now, Tan Bengbeng could easily locate the master bedroom.

    She flipped onto the balcony of the second-floor master bedroom using the pipes.

    She pulled open the curtains.

    The master bedroom was very quiet.

    Everyone was asleep in the room.

    There was a scent lingering in the air. It was easy to guess what happened just now

    Tan Bengbeng may not known it before, but now she did.

    She blushed.

    Upon confirming that Nian Xiaomu was safe, she left by the balcony quickly as she was afraid she would startle Yu Yuehan. She did not guard Nian Xiaomu like she used to.

    When she flipped off the balcony, Yu Yuehans eyes shot open.

    He had felt something and got up from the bed.

    He was about to get out of bed, Nian Xiaomu flipped around and muttered. I dont want to give birth to a younger brother. I want to sleep


    After she left the master bedroom, Tan Bengbeng did not return to her room. She started to head out of the mansion.

    The Yu Family villas defense was very tight.

    Even for a secret guard like Tan Bengbeng, it was hard to enter and exit freely. It was lucky that she had the information from Nian Xiaomu. She knew the patrol shifts of the guards in the mansion and it was fairly easy to avoid them.

    Soon, Tan Bengbeng reached the wall and leaped onto it to look at the situation outside.

    She was a secret guard, she knew the best position for surveillance of a person or mansion.

    She checked a few places based on her speculations.

    When she realized that there were people walking around, her gaze fell.

    She wanted to go back to her apartment building during the night. Looked like she couldnt.

    There were too many people outside.

    If they were really from the Mo Family, she may be caught the moment she appeared.

    Tan Bengbengs gaze fell and she backed off. She took a few steps back and wanted to jump down the wall. A shadow appeared behind her and closed in on her.

    When he saw that she was about to jump off the wall, his face fell.

    He rushed up and caught her before she landed on the ground.

    Who is it!

    Tan Bengbeng did not expect that someone could close in on her without her noticing!

    He was better and more sensitive than she was.

    A glint flashed passed her eyes and when she was about to attack, there was a curse beside her ear.

    You are out flipping walls in the middle of the night? Do you want to p*ss the heck out of me?

    It was Qi Yans voice.

    She was stunned when she heard his voice.

    She froze there and forgot that she was supposed to get up from his arms.

    He was drugged by her, shouldnt he be sleeping?

    Why was he here?