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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1150

    Chapter 1150 His Bengbeng Wasgreat

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    The aroma from the food made it appetizing.

    He held the dumplings and followed her to the sofa.

    He looked at her face that was blushing due to the steam and couldnt help but ask. You took so long because you went to cook dumplings?

    Tan Bengbeng was a straightforward person and didnt think much.

    She nodded and answered, You have not eaten in hours, it is not good for your stomach. The dumplings are not made by me, the Yu Family villa had ready-made dumplings. I only added eggs, vegetables and cooked them. It may taste a bit bland, but it is good for the body.

    Qi Yan looked at the steaming dumplings and looked at Tan Bengbeng. There was an indescribable feeling in his heart.

    He was used to being alone. He didnt like to be with other people.

    Everyone around him thought that he was temperamental and other than respect, they feared him.

    No one has been like her. Although she was scared, she never gives in.

    She was very straightforward.

    She does not hide her feelings.

    She was also very kind.

    Although he did many terrible things to her and kept her as a slave for so long, as long as he acted pitifully, she would still feel bad.

    Everyone around him was used to him being invincible, no one would think that he would also be tired from a long surgery.

    Only her. Although she didnt really like him, she cooked a bowl of dumplings for him.

    His Bengbeng was great!

    Qi Yan stared at the person in front of him and his gaze grew deeper.

    Tan Bengbeng didnt know what he was thinking about. She asked when she saw that he did not eat.

    Do you not like dumplings? I saw that you ate a lot of them and I thought that you liked them

    I like them! I like them very much!

    Qi Yan answered immediately and held the bowl of dumplings.

    As long as you cooked it, I would like it!

    He was back at it again. He could never remain normal for more than three seconds.

    Tan Bengbeng couldnt stand the frequency he was expressing his love.

    She pulled the other bowl over and started to eat.

    She was thinking about the Mo Family and soon she forgot about the person in front of her.

    When she remembered, Qi Yan had already finished the dumplings in front of him. He didnt even leave a sip of soup.

    He was staring at her

    Are you done eating? When you are done, we can go and sleep.

    Tan Bengbeng looked at the only bed in the room and frowned. She was about to say something and he already raised his hands to promise.

    I swear, I am only going to hug you to sleep and nothing else!

    If his words could be trusted, pigs could climb trees.

    Qi Yan looked very sincere but, Tan Bengbeng answered coldly, I have something to do tonight, I cannot sleep yet. You can sleep by yourself.

    The moment she had finished her sentence, Qi Yan started to lose focus and looked as though he was about to sleep.

    She muttered softly, Im sorry

    She had drugged his dumpling.

    It was not harmful to his body, but it would let him have a good sleep.

    Upon seeing that Qi Yan was sound asleep on the sofa, she covered him in a blanket and left the room.

    She walked out of the guest room and into the yard